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crabgrass pre emergent


LawnSite Silver Member
I was wander what brand you recomend. for the past several years i have been using lebonon with the active ingrediant being team in it. That has worked ok but am lookin for something better. ive heard very good things about demension, have any of oyu ever used this? thanx


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Watseka, IL
We use a 21-2-7 fert. with .86% pendamethalin. Works very well, but you have to get it down early


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S.E. Michigan
WOW, talk about an OLD thread!!!


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How long did it take to dust this one off??? I like Dimension, myself, just to keep on topic...

6'7 330

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This is a dusty thread..hopefully the right product was found years ago lol.In 05 we did a single app with Barricade.43 , very few break throughts in good turf .I think barricade has a longer residual effect .We are doing single apps of barricade again in 06.