Crabgrass Preventer/Re-Seeding

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by NEWINNJ, Apr 13, 2007.


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    I completely reseeded a lawn here in Northern NJ last year and it looked great until July when they went on vacation and stopped watering their front lawn for about 3 weeks during a dry spell. The lawn was pretty much taken over by crabgrass. Whats my best option for this year. I want to put down a crabgrass preventer plus sections of the lawn is in need of reseeding. How long after preventer can I reseed? I know what the bag says but I to get your opinions. Thanks.
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    just use an overseeder machine on it, add fertilizer, lime....when it starts to grow 2" then hit it with a preemergent like team or balan. preemergents typically last 3 months depending on rain and soil conditions ie clay or not use tupersan no matter what anyone says, it dont work.
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    I would put the crabgrass control down now, and then come back and re-seed in late summer/early fall. Spring seeding is a roll of the dice, and you should make it a point to tell customers that they need to keep up with new seed maintenance in the event of extreme heat and drought. I try to put off as much seeding as possible to the early fall.
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    august is best time to seed. warm days cool nights, and no weeds germinating

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