crabgrass prevention - is this ok?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by xyzzaabc, May 5, 2004.

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    I am a homeowner and got tired of Trugreen. I started doing fertilizing on my own this year.

    Applied Scotts Crabgrass Halts product beginning of March. Now I see some crabgrass sprouting up (2/3 leaf stage). Looking thru various posts on this forum, it appears Dimension might be a good choice as an early post-emergent as well as to kill any seeds yet to sprout.

    I am planning on applying DIMENSION 0.15% 19-3-6 30%PPSCU immediately. Is this a good choice? Or are there any better options?

    The price that I see on the LESCO website ( available at my local store) is $37.12 for 50lb. Is this a good price?

    Again, just to reiterate I am new at this. Appreciate good advise.

    Live in Atlanta, GA.

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    It is a good choice. You will wish you had done the Lesco product earlier this year. I think it is too late to expect post emergent control from Dimension. For post-emergent control at this stage use Drive 75 and a 2-4-D product with a back pack sprayer at the rates prescribed by the label. Nor next year the Dimension product should cover your needs. The price does seem high though. Call your local John Deere Landscapes. They had the product at a good price.
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    Had much better luck with Momentum then with drive, use momentun at the rate of 1.5 oz per gallon of water in a three gallon backpack spreayer for post emergent weed controll. This product is labeled for almost all weeds. The 1.5 oz per gallon is on the higher rate side to kill the weeds faster. I will post pictures soon, before and after of the weed controll on a property of mine so you can see the difference.
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    Drive and 2-4-D together have excellent post emergent control of crabgrass and other annual grasses (yellow nutsedge etc.). Momemntum would be an example of a 2-4-d product, but alone it will not control such weeds.
  5. yes, momemntum isn't label nor will it control crabgrass!

    I believe, that dimension on a fert carrier has very little post activity, you need to use the liquid product!

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