crabgrass problem, what is the right way to do it???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fastrunner, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. fastrunner

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    hi, here is my problem. I have this lawn that I started taking care of last year, and its it pretty good shape except for the part by the driveway and road.. It is probably 1000 sq. ft or so that is infested with crabgrass. I mean, its pretty bad, i dont even see any blades o good grass coming up in this area. What would be the correct thing to do. Should i just go and use roundup on this spot and use a powerake to get the dead grass up, will that work? then bring in top soil and seed it?? If i just seed a portion of the lawn, will in match the rest of the lawn in color?? will it be obvious that i patched the lawn??? Any help is greatly appreciated guys... thanks. talk to you soon. jeff
  2. Southern Lawns

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    I thought I asked you NOT to talk about my lawn:D
  3. Kent Lawns

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    Spray Drive 75

    Acertain what species of grass is surrounding which you want to match. If you have no clue, use a rye & bluegrass blend.
  4. bridges

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    The grabgrass should be dead, from winter.

    I would just rake out the dead grabgrass( if not dead spray some round up on the area.)
    You could spread loom over the area if you have low spots that need filling.

    Or you could spray the area real good and put an inch of loom top and seed it.

    Use a starter fert. with grabgras preventer.

    Like kent lawns says use a rye and blue mix.
  5. sweatdog20

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    first u need to start on a good chemical program to preventthe crabgrass from coming up. If u need a good post emerge for broadleaf weeds, CONFRONT is great but do not spray it on st augustine grasses. If u do start your chemical program u wiil not have thisproblem wit crabgrass or many other weeds. Its good extra money also for you
  6. calobo

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    If it's warm season turf is infested with crabgrass, treat the lawn with a pre-emergent as soil temps warm to prevent crabgrass germination. KERB is a good choice as it has both pre and post-emergent control. If you have a cool season lawn, renovate with round-up.:alien:
  7. KirbysLawn

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    First, I must disagree with Bridges. Do not plant seed and then apply a pre-emergent, the seed will not germinate. Starter fertilizer with crabgrass preventer?? Think about that for a second....

    Second, I will assume that the crabgrass is not present right now and that you are looking at brown dormant crabgrass.

    If you are sure no grass is going to come up the the best, surest way to fix the problem is to till off the problem area, lay sod, and spot treat any crabgrass after the sod is mature. You could also (must do soon) till or areate the ground, cross slit seed the ground, get the grass started asap, and then follow-up with Drive.

    I think it's getting too late to fix the problem now and apply pre-m products if you have any plans of fixing the lawn in the fall.
  8. Nebraska

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    You are going in circles to seed and put down a "crabgrass prevent".
  9. Barkleymut

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    Use Tupersan. It is a preemergent for Crabgrass but not for fescue. Problem solved.:)

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