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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mowerman41, Sep 23, 2012.

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    I have recently taken down about 40 trees at my house. I have not done anything but stump grind. Most of my yard is crabgrass and the rest is dirt. What would be the best route to take to have a nice green lawn?? I mow lawns but have no idea when it comes to revitalizing them. Thanks for the help!
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    You are a bit late. First frost date for your state is listed as Oct 9. Best to start 6 to 8 weeks before that date.

    However, opinions vary...if it is smooth enough and the grade and surface drainage are OK, then my opinion is to seed it very heavily (triple the recommended rate because some seed will not take), add starter fertilizer, and water every day for 30 days. Feed it again on day 30 to build thickness.
    Use a quality seed: blue, rye, fescue mix. The water will force the seed down through the dying crabgrass to the soil or thatch layer where a percentage of it will germinate. The crabgrass will be fading fast, and the new seed will arise about the time the crabgrass dies, but new seed germination will be slow due to the cool temperatures. A high percentage will probably turn out to be ryegrass because bluegrass is so slow to establish.

    If you want a premium bluegrass lawn and you have enough sunlight to grow bluegrass--then mow short and lay sod.

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