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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bntt68, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. bntt68

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    I am having breakthrough with some crabgrass. My Question is the Crab I am seeing poke its ugly head through at 3.5" of turf germinated aprox. when? I am pondering on split app. of pre emerg. or .50 app. of barricade next spring. Yes I am licensed.
  2. hmartin

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    Crabgrass is just like any other grass. It grows better with water and fertilization. Judging germination dates by height is hard to do. Under very favorable conditions, your crabgrass may only be 2 or 3weeks old IMO. It might have germinated 6 weeks ago if it has been very dry in you area. Did you apply a pre-emerge this year? If so when and what type? Barricade has lots of fans.
  3. bntt68

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    Yes, I did apply per-em. and it was Team. Last week in March. I took Lescos advice on timing. It was a very dry May and June. We have had regular Spring rain here lately, middle of summer.
  4. bntt68

    bntt68 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Going with barricade next year. I have the Z-SPRAY walk behind and have not decided on liquid or Granular either. Any suggestions will be appreciated too.Thanks all!
  5. hmartin

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    Team has one of the shortest lifespans or the commonly used pre-m's. I don't think many people use it anymore. Did you apply the full rate? You should be pleased with .75 AI of Barricade.
  6. bntt68

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    Do you use granular or liquid to achieve the .75 rate?
  7. daveyo

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    Recent studies have found that split applications of pre-m will have a better control rate than a single app. I would apply 50-65% of herbicide (mid April My area) followed by a second application in early-mid May, June. remember below average soil temperatures in April and May lead to a delay in crab grass germination. This leads to a total delay in the crabgrass germination cycle, hence your late July August break through.. This year isn't as bad as last but it still is no picnic. I have a lot of hot spots along the edges of pool areas, curbs and driveways. I hit these area with one or two shots of drive, timing is essential though.

  8. prostriper

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    Try Lesco Pro-m. It is best to back it up 6-8 weeks I believe is what the label suggests. A pre-emergent is only as good as its residual control. One application will almost never control year around. It may also need to be backed up with a post emergent crabgrass control if the first app was too late. This may also require app of seed after the window time on the label has passed on the post and pre emergent.
  9. lilmarvin4064

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    I've experimented with different pre-emergents over the years, and I think I found a winner for my area. I was planning on sticking to Barricade, but I have seen noticably better results with split applications of Dimension using 0.2 # ai/A with each app (one app late March, and one app mid May). I'm not really saying Dimension is better than Barricade, they both have their uses, but I've been seeing great results with Dimension and I have found it mixed with in an awesome fertilizer combo.

    I don't really see too much of a benefit to spraying pre-emergents on turf unless you plan on tank mixing with a bunch of stuff (to save labor). And I don't think you can do this as a low-volume app.
  10. americanlawn

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    "Mowing is the KEY to a nice lawn".

    I too have seen crabgrass & foxtail breakthrough this year on our customers' lawns - mainly along curbs, sidewalks, driveways, etc where the cutting/trimming height is below 2 inches (sometimes as low as 1/4 inch).

    Here (in Des Moines, IA), we experienced the worst hot dry spring (drought) since 1961.

    Then the rains came! 3 inches at a time in late July, then 2 inch rains, then one inch rains, then 4 inch rains in August.

    Bottom line: we were in a severe drought until late July. Now we are continuing to receive heavy rains at least once every ten days. Not much "pre" left.

    Get this -- I mow my own lawn (2 acres), and I NEVER apply a pre-emergent.

    Crabgrass is never a problem in my lawn as I mow at 4 inches (measured grass blades after it's mowed).

    On lawns with "spurge", it is always cuz the cutting height is less than 2 inches. Mark my word.

    Lawn care companies can only do so much. Recommended mowing height for Kentucky Bluegrass during summer is 3 - 3 1/2 inches. (not one inch).

    When I run service calls for "summer annual weeds", I always measure the previous mowing height. I carry a ruler in my truck.

    Bottom line: I do not feel sorry for consumers who choose not to follow the advice of "land grant universities". They seem to expect a "miracle treatment" from lawn companies to solve their mistakes.

    When I measure & determine short mowing by the customer, I let them know.

    Sure - we have lost many customers cuz they insist they are mowing at 3 inches. Problem is: the "ruler doesn't lie"!

    These people think we should be "miracle workers" cuz they think they have a "bentgrass lawn".

    Lawn care companies can only do so much.>>>okay, we "could" apply 5 times the legal rate of pre-emergence, but that is 'slightly' illegal???

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