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    Is any crabgrass emerged in your area? If so how big or how far along? Here the first crabgrass became visible about 10 days ago on a lawn neighbor's neglected lawn that had a serious crab problem last year. Growing degree days (base 32) of 700. The crabgrass is still small--two leaves spreading to about a half inch wide. Air temps here are about 65 to 70 this week.
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    Down here, I applied Dimension in February and April. The only crabgrass I've seen so far is in the natural areas, cracks of sidewalks, and some of the garden beds.
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    It appears that crabgrass sprouts here in Grand Rapids at about 700 Growing Degree Days (base 32). (About May 4th in 2008). Sprouts about a quarter inch tall.
    This is Growing Degree Days (base 50), of about 250. Soil temp about 57 degrees F.
    This is for a very thin, sandy neglected test lawn, that had serious crabgrass problems in the previous year.

    On May 18 crabgrass is in 2 leaf stage, and about 3/4ths inch wide. Not sure if Dimension would be effective at this date, or what rate needed.
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    Not yet but have seen nutsedge!!!
  5. Hogjaw

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    Don't know where you are in relations to Northeast Arkansas but nutsedge is practically taking over.........makes you thing of corn 2 weeks up.

    Maybe we can make it move northward then (just joking).
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    Nothing here yet. Usually see it start around July 1st.

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