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    what you have are isolated incidents.

    You started late. Does it necesarily mean the company before you did the app? Is that your fault?

    I posted before that all this year since April we have acquired 3 - 5 new accounts. Those are my biggest problems with crabgrass. And a couple where neighboring properties have allways had it.

    Problem is even with my one app. The rain in June destroyed any barrier I had.

    I always had a mid summer germination where there have been watering problems. Nothing to worry about.

    This year for reason I described above. There is a larger problem. I stay away from trying to kill it now. All that is going to happen is it will discolor. And run the risk of damaging the surrounding turf. The turf is so stressed out. The grass don't know what it's doing. It is trying to survive being drenched for days or weeks and then it is trying to survive extreme heat. It can't realisticaly do both in the same month.

    There is no doubt what so ever that the turf is suffering root damage.

    My own front lawn just 2 days ago developed summer patch. I never had it on my own lawn.
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    we have a few of ours that are giving up too. tough year this year...
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    If lawns are weekly mowed, isnt it true crabgrass will not be allowed to seed??? I havent seen any seed heads yet to speak of. Been spot treating with Drive......great stuff. Mostly along curbs and walks/drives.
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    In NC we (anyone who can read a label) have been doing split apps for years, some properties I even go pre-m year round if I am not re-seeding. Right now poanna is getting ready to germinate here so I will be applying some Dimension on some selected properties, I can still re-seed in October, which is fine here. It sounds like I would have had to put out an application every month to stop crabgrass here this year. We have had over 58" of rain this year approaching a record with 4 months left to go. I may try some Barricade next year, I used it on one property & it looks good. It is the only single app. product I know of for this area. If I switch to dimension or Barricade cost will skyrocket. It is twice the cost of pre-m or team pro.
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    height of cut is a factor regarding it going to seed. We all cut higher in the summer

    Also the spread of the patch will allow it to seed.

    Crabgrass is not so much of a vertical growing plant. Crabgrass that is in tall healthy turf will have not choice but to more vertical.

    Crabgrass left alone with nothing around it is generaly short. So a patch of it will have it intertwined in the middle where actualy seed production can easily be over looked

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    crabgrass is all the more reason to sell overseeding jobs.yes weather has done this to my lawns also, but my customers under stand that it take a while to get a thick enough lawn to help pre vent crabgrass along with treatments i never spend the big money for crabgrass preventor cause to many factors like weather ect... cause break downs and i loose money so i tell them to mow high and i then prep them on fall seeding and bottaboom bottabing i sit on my but in dec and jan and count my seeding money
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    Lawns on which I applied two succesive apps of Dimension at full have little to no problems. A third which I hit with Acclaim is fairing well.

    Can't stop all breakouts when the neighbor lawn is more crabgrass/goosegrass than turf and the neighboring LCO blows clippings onto your property.
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    Guy's something to keep in mind. The result provided us by Dow, Basf and Syngenta will say 98-96% control from University studies.

    Do you imagine they will not advertise when their product has a 75 or 50% control study. NO, but we all no Pre-emergent is designed to breakdown. Under adverse condition the product will break down earlier than we would like.

    More than likely product breakdown is a by product of weather, home owner control or miss application. The product from the manufactures has to meet a high level of quality control before it leaves their plants.

    So when you see results promoting 96-98% control were happy. Lets look at these numbers.......based on 5,000,000' .

    98% control=100,000 sq ft break thru.
    96% control=200,000 sq ft break thru.

    Also keep in mind area of break thru, doesn't mean plant coverage area. the break thru occurs in the area the size of a pencil or smaller.

    something to think about
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    We used dimension at the highest recommended rate for cool season turf. We did a split app. 1st in april 2nd 5 weeks later....I did a quality inspection last week of all props + 4mil sq ft and the only breakthrough of crabgrass is very little along some curbs. Our friends at lesco have been telling us that we do not need to apply at the high rate.....but for sure we are happy that we stuck with our plan. Yes the dimension cost more but we feel our reputation is at stake and we get very few complants and to me that alone is worth more than the diff of materials cost.

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