Crack in Haulmark trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lewdo, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. lewdo

    lewdo LawnSite Member
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    Yesterday I noticed a crack in the front top section of my Haulmark enclosed trailer. It's cracked completely through. No signs on the outside where the top struck anything.

    Anybody ever have that happen to them. I'm going to call the dealer but sure there is nothing under warranty. It's only 2 years old.

  2. Mike Fronczak

    Mike Fronczak LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a Pace, the Plastic part is cracked in multiple places started about same time (2 yrs) every year there are more.
  3. dirtybiz

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    from MT
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    I have a 20' haulmark that cracked on me in the first year i owned, they replaced it with a different one, made out different material (supposedly) and no problems since. Not sure what causes it, flexing of trailer, heating/cooling of trailer, or what. We never hit anything with ours, it just cracked one day! Mine was replaced under warranty, but i think they only have 1 year warranty.
  4. Pace American

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    The material of which trailer front caps are made has indeed changed from the premium manufacturers in the past few years. Originally made of fiberglass, which was prone to cracking, they first moved to ABS plastic, which proved prone to UV fading.

    The premium manufacturers have most recently been using TPO. Another type of molded plastic TPO has proven to be both crack & UV fade resistant the best of both worlds.

    If you own a Pace trailer contact your local dealer to see if it may be covered under warranty.

    Peter Calhoun
    Pace American, Inc.

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