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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by aaronb2006, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. aaronb2006

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    New to the forum and have a question. I have a commercial facility that has large parking lots with lots of cracks and, of course, crack weeds. I am tired of using man hours spraying and grinding from March until November. Has anyone here applied Sahara, Mojave, Pramitol, or any other bare-ground herbicide to parking lot cracks to control them? If so, had any problems killing turf or trees/shrubs near curb edges? I could still use it away from bed and turf edges if there's a problem killing desirable plants. Any experiences are greatly appreciated. Thanks! :waving:
  2. mx315

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    We use Sahara for gravel parking lots and fence lines. Last round gave us 9 months of kill. It will kill anything it gets next to, including trees. We killed a popcorn tree a few rounds back by spraying under it... which wasn't an issue since they are pest trees in FL.
  3. grass4gas

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    And here I thought it was something completely different he was talking about:laugh:
  4. grassman177

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    i was thinking of using something like this or a basic soil sterilant for our gravel storage lot.

    it is not near anything so kill is not an issue with non target

    any suggestions for this type of treament?
  5. MarcSmith

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    aaron, have you though about chasing out the cracks and having a company come in a seal the cracks? Solve the problem rather treating the symptoms.

    my only concern would be run-off from the hard surface after a rain and what it may do to a retention area and such... maybe nothing if it was a hard enough rain and diluted the chems...
  6. JDUtah

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    Agreed. Not to mention that by sealing it, you are avoiding any erosion problems which could save you/them big bucks in the long haul.
  7. aaronb2006

    aaronb2006 LawnSite Member
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    Agreed that would be the ideal solution but it isn't my parking lot to seal. What is truly needed is a re-paving anyhow. Also agreed that chemical runoff is a potential problem. I intend to keep it well away from islands and edges of the lot, which still leaves me with a lot of space I can use it on. The label leads me to believe that this chemical stays put once worked into the ground by rain; has anyone experienced problems with it moving from the application area via rain/irrigation and killing non-target plants? Most of the areas I'm thinking of applying it are at least 30' from anything else. I guess what I was looking for was anyone who has any experience using these chemicals this way.

    Thanks again!
  8. JB1

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    we use sahara on a lot for weeds coming up in cracks, have not had the first problem, works good.
  9. MarcSmith

    MarcSmith LawnSite Fanatic
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    i've seen karmex move but it was on a hillside.

    I think with proper application you bee fine...

    If it's not your lot to seal, then why are the weeds your problem?

    Did you bid the parking lot weed control as part of the grounds maintenance and now are just trying to save labor costs?

    Find an asphalt sealer and get him to price sealing, filling and repainting, mark the price up 20-30% and submit it as a extra... maybe you can make some money on it..
  10. Snowy66

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    Be carefull with Sahara! I have customers that want season long plant control on some vacant lots. Before I used this product on their lots, I tried it on an area of my gravel driveway that has weeds growing on it. I mixed it at a very low rate and just used a light application with a gallon hand sprayer and the runoff killed an area about ten feet long and 3 feet wide next to the drive. No way I'd use this stuff anywhere near anything important.

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