crackdown on illegal workers ??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jeffex, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Has anyone added new commercial work because of the media running stories about illegal worker crackdown on employers?? Fort Bragg [Maryland]just this week had a big story about trying to verify worker documents . I could talk my son into doing this with me full time if I could get a good contract for a large commercial job. Has anyone seen a sudden demand for commercial work in the middle of the season due to lack of personel at existing contract mowing services. I could step into fill the shoes of a large mowing contract where the existing company lost its illegals and were desperate to hire an American work force. I could get my wife ,son and other family members to jump start us .
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    No lack of labor around here ....

    Only problem is most the US young guns only want to stay up all night, not save any money n drop in on mom/dad too stock up on sleep or food

    Ahh .... just too get it out sometimes ....

    But ..... have not seen that as an issue in this area .... atleast in reference too media n illegals
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    it wont happen
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    Here in Ohio they are starting the "Fix it Now" campaign to push for alien reform. Hopefully it will do something for us Americans? The biggest thing is that the employers will be held responsible for their hiring. It's about time!
    :waving: :waving: :waving: ILLEGALS
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    I talked to the kitchen mgr of a major hotel in our area and they were hit with immigration inspections and went to great pains to replace thier workers with suspect. documents. I noticed a few crews that were formerly all hispanic are now mixed on commercial accounts in my area . Employers have to be at least hedging thier bets when it comes to their dependence on hispanic workers. Or they simply look at the possible fines as a cost of doing business. I'm just wondering if anyone has reaped the benefit of the so called crackdown an picked up a mid season account
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    I see the whole thing as an election ploy. No one really seems interested in sending them home except the minute men and what good are they doing really? Notice how the National Guard was dispatched only after the peak season they cross? Now its too hot and most are already here. JD Hayworth really seems to be the most out spoken person against them, even wrote a book about the subject. While I think they need to go, rounding them up is not possible however really securing the boarders with the military actaully POLICING it and sending them back home as they are arrested, traffic stopped etc. is possible. Sending them home isn't even a really good option, we should have them sentenced in a progressive hard labor prision system and then after working their cans off and getting sent back with nothing each time they will quit coming. We still give away too much so they have no incentive to even try and do anything in Mexico. We overthrew the British through determination and for the most part, self reliance rather than sneak into Canada every year for what we needed. Buisnesses aren't really seeing anything in the way of punishments either for hiring them so its all a stage show as far as I'm concerned.
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    There seems to be a huge increase in the hispanic population here. Since katrina that is. Most seem to be working however I have a few that found my card that call me at least once a week wanting to work. I only hire someone I can prove is legal and wont cause a problem.

    Seem I have mostly white or african help altho I see most crews with hispanics on it. They seem to pay between 6 and 7 down here and thats about it.
  8. jeffex

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    There is no doubt that they are hard working etc... but so would you and I if we could make 10 times our income in a better place than home , pay no taxes, and get all the benefits of citizenship without paying [ie. health care, schoolsfor our kids] I commend them for taking the risk to better themselves but they break our laws. Is the publicizing of "raids "on employers having ANY effect in the turf biz?? In Md you need to make $13 per hour to meet the minimum standard of living acording to some bs articel I read. IN an 8-9 month season you have to make your $26,000 at closer to $20 per hour to be considered a career with a future. This industry can pay that but when you have unlimited supply of $8 per hour labor the rest is history

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    Let's try and level out the Bull Crap a bit. Would you move to a country illegally, live on the run so to speak, and them stop to raise a family? Why do I always here that illegals have all these kids in the school? Here's a flash, maybe their not illegals!!!! Bunch of racists. Is anybody asking why immigrant labor is so popular? Two reasons come to mind. One is that $26,000 a year is considered Welfare recipient in my area and not too many Gringos are lining up for these jobs, so there's not too many other options for employers. Second is that everybody wants to be their own boss, myself included, and this drastically limits the quality of the labor pool. So what do we do? Sell are homes, lose our wives to guys with more money, sell the kids and the truck because we can no longer afford them, go rent in a trailer park and live off $26,000 a year working for MowMart after the great LCO consolidation? Let's all try to consider the dynamics of a sound economy. Everybody want to go to college to have "a good job". Someone has to cut the grass, assemble the dishwasher, or build the house. You can't have a 500 square mile area of intellectual office jobs and developments without the latter. It's what I like to call the "trickle up effect". If it wasn't for us buying trucks,gas, blowers, computers, cell phone, etc., there wouldn't be office jobs. We need laborers to survive. Like the saying goes... Someones got to do it!:usflag:
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    Amen Brother!

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