Cracked Corn??

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by A1 Grass, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Just a thought...what about running it through a chipper? I have a 10hp unit that came with a bag that can be attached to collect the discharge. I'm not sure if it would grind it up fine enough.
  2. leadarrows

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    Thats a real good thought I think I'll try it. I have a new troy built chipper that my father in-law gave me when he moved to New Mexico. It just needs a starter to replace the one he took off and gave to some one. It might be just the right size for this job. It has screens that can be changed to adjust the chip size it might be just the ticket. Now that would be a hoot if I already have what I need. :D Now all I need is a bushel of corn. What if I ran the whole ear thu it? Dose the cob have any beneficial property's to it?
  3. A1 Grass

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    No kidding Leadarrows! At this point I feel the same as you, but honestly I don't care. I get info as quickly as my brain will process it. As for the arguing geniuses - go for it.
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    So, there ya 2.25 a bushel thats about 4 cents a to fertilize 5000 sq ft at 10/ for two applications that would 100 price 4.00.

    If nothing else it is a cheap experiment.

    That corn is hard stuff...just for fun i tried to grind up some whole kernels in my food processor and if i had left it on any longer the thing would have overheated.

    I'm not really too concerned about the scientific part of it, all i know is that it is about the simplest fertilizer out there. I am satisfied that it works.
  5. mower_babe

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    Ok, so how long after application of the magical corn should I see results for green up-growth and for weed control?

    2 questions there.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    just bought 50lb cracked corn at the local feed store it was
    10 bucks i am looking for someplace cheaper.
  7. Dchall_San_Antonio

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    You should be able to find corn meal (or rolled corn) for around $5-7 for 50 pounds if you shop around.

    Just an hour ago I happened to meet a guy who used to be in sales for a feed suppler, so I asked him about how low the price might go if I bought a thousand 50-pound bags all at once. He said it might go for $4-6/bag. So about a dollar less per bag. As for unbagged/bulk, he couldn't answer.

    Mower babe,
    First question: Green up with corn meal at 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet should be clearly visible in 3 weeks - and now Jim is going to write in and remind me that I live in the warm country and it doesn't work that way in the north. However, my Canadian friends from Great Lakes to the Pacific report that it does work that way. So if you are going onto an organic program with clients, remember to apply corn meal at least 3 weeks before you need it. If you apply early, no problem. Late might give you some yellowing inbetween the old application and the latest application.

    Second question: Corn meal is not a weed controller. It does kill fungus, though when used at 20 pounds per 1,000. That takes about the same amount of time. The grass that survived the fungus will turn green in 3 weeks and it should begin to refill about the same time. Fast spreading grasses will, of course spread in faster than the zoysias.

    Second question again: If you were confused between corn meal and corn GLUTEN meal, I have another answer for you. Corn GLUTEN meal has the preemergent weed seed control. That is a tricky product. If you put it on too early, the microbes will eat it up before the weed seeds get the benefit of the CGM. So we talking about using it after the first cold front in the fall. The date for that is hard to come by but it is usually cold weather that triggers germination of the cold weather weed seeds. So if you put it down concurrently with the seeds germinating, you should get the weed control effect lasting through spring.

    How can I say on the one hand that CGM goes away quickly and also say that it gives a weed control until spring? Well, some of the weeds you see in spring are germinating now and will remain microscopic until spring when they come out to flower. Many of Texas' famous wild flowers are well known to do this. For example if you don't have your Bluebonnet seeds down now, you won't have any plants/flowers next spring.

    Regarding using a chipper to make corn meal: I'm thinking you'll ruin the chipper quickly. I would closely inspect the blades or hammers or whatever you have inside first. Then run 10 pounds of corn through and see if there is any deterioration. If not, run 40 pounds through and inspects again. Corn is traditionally "cracked" by rolling a huge stone over it until there is dust left - very low tech and no blades to sharpen.

    Another acquaintence of mine owns a Mexican bakery. He gets 1,000 pounds of whole corn and grinds it to flour every day. His shop isn't that big, so the grinder must be in there somewhere. If you wanted to do it yourself, I can tell you that he pays a few cents more per pound for his food grade whole corn than I pay for feed grade ground corn meal in 50 pound bags.
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    Correction on the pounds in a bushel: 56 lbs per bushel for corn. His first qoute was on the Chicago Board of Trade, not cash price that farmers recieve. Todays price is in the 2.20 or less (per bushel) for harvest delivery. The Board is trading at 2.49. That is called basis. So, yes, it is cheap. That is why we get govt. subsidies ($$$$). The real kicker is this: price is up from two years ago. Was $1.60/bu. Anyways, if anybody wants corn from me, I'll will gladly sell it for $5-6.00 per bushel.

    I farm 800 acres with almost 400 being corn. Raise close to 50,000 bushels of corn (28,000,000 lbs.) per year. No shortage here. So dump it on!!!
  9. dan deutekom

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    Does anyone have some Internet links to independent studies about corn meal or corn gluten that is not depending on information supplied by Iowa State University. Would prefer other universities or independent sources. Since ISU holds the patent on corn gluten it is licensing products for use as a weed suppressant. Seems like a conflict on proper research.
  10. sidebuz

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    Sorry, my math isn't so good. That would be 2.8 million lbs., not 28. Sorry:)

    Try Purdue University, University of IL, Texax A&M, Cornell... any land grant college or AG school for you info.

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