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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by beachtownlawnservice, Dec 4, 2011.

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    My parents have a really small old concrete koi pond in there back patio. they never did anything fancy with it just koi and goldfish. this years drought and water restrictions and lack of maintenance caused it to dry up. sometime during the summer it developed a few cracks and now it wont hold water. its empty and cleaned out now. what is a easy and cost effective product i can use to seal all the cracks and maybe re coat the whole pond? it looks like at sometime someone re coated it with some kind of concrete/plaster? I just want to get it to hold water again.
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    If the cracks are not large (less than 1/4"), a product called 'Pool Putty' will do the trick, but if the pond continues to settle the cracks will get larger and require re-sealing. You can probably find this at any Swimming Pool supply store.
    Any of the pond-specific coatings, Armor-Kote, Koi-Kote or liquid EPDM are not what I would call easy to apply or cheap. Marine enamel or Epoxy may be safe for use in larger bodies of water, But I would not recommend their use in closed-system ponds.
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    What about putting a rubber liner in like we use for our builds? It's hard to say without any pics or more information.

    You can aslo use some Flexseal like the guy on the TV commercial used on his screened door boat bottom. :laugh: Seriously I'm joking about this stuff.
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    This is really the surest and overall cheapest solution.
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    thats what I recommended to a client and so far no leaks.
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    The only downside is hiding the liner and it's wrinkles. If the pond basin is large enough to rock and gravel than it's not a big deal, but most concrete ponds tend to be small.
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    Check into an overlay mix, i think HD sells somthin. Being small it should be easy

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