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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by james3302, May 25, 2007.

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    I recently bought a house and it has a privacy fence that runs between mine and the neighbors house. I noticed that the fence was leaning towrds the neighbors house and looked around at it. I noticed that about 2 feet from the fence was a crack. While cutting the grass in the front yard I also noticed a crack and followed it back to the fence and it goes away and then comes back. If stops before it gets to the two trees that are planted along the fence line and then starts back past the tree(where the fence is leaning) and on down past that. At the wideest point the crack is 4 inchs wide and 6 inchs deep. In the front yard where the crack starts theres an impression in the yard about 3ft long and 3 ft wide. At the end(as far as I can tell) of the crack there is another impression about the same size. I thought at first that wind had hit the fence and pushed it over and it just pulled some yard with it, but im dont think that idea is a good one sice the crack is in the front yard to. Its in a subdivision, but the houses have been there for 10 years. In the front yard a crack also goes over into the neighbors yard and runs along her fence line too as far as I can tell. Look like to me that its going to be a sink hole and our fence is going to fall in. what do you think?

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    Could be the beginning of a new earthquake fault line..??:laugh: At least it sounds good to tell everyone..

    On a serious note, I have no idea... Got any pics you could post of it?
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    If Memory serves me.... Chatsworth is in the mountains?? could it be erosion?
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    Sup James.Im from Chatsworth too :)

    With all the red clay and hard dirt we have here I think its perfectly normal for us to have cracks.I have a few too,but not as big as the ones you explain you have.Maybe try getting some top soil brought in and fill it in?

    Cracks are probaly a sign you have bad soil.Maybe try to do some plug arerating and put down some compost?Thats what Ive been doing.
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    That's called you ain't had no real rain and the clay-based soil contracts as it loses water, and cracks. Throw down some Gypsum (Clay buster) at a rate of 6 bags per 1/4 acre and then water one time real good and things should improve.

    You can also buy the bags now, then wait to do it right before a big rain.
    But if you do nothing, nothing will happen.

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