Craftsman 917.256591 won't charge battery

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by VikingsRULE!!!, Jun 8, 2008.

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    My Father-In-Law has a craftsman 42" lawn mower model # 917.256591 and it is not charging the battery. The engine is a Kohler 15.5 hp (Model CV15S Spec 41525). We have replaced the battery and he is able to mow the lawn several times before the battery goes dead. The manual says it is the alternator which would make sense if there was one. Obviously something has to charge the battery so I am assuming they are referring to the stator? My real question is does anyone know of some tests I can do or what the problem is before i just go replacing parts. I have looked over all the wiring and no wires are cut, burnt, etc... Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I know they run a 30amp fuse in this system, but cant remember if its in the charging circuit. If not you will need to check the out put of the stator with a voltage meter.
    use this link and enter as a guest you can find the service manual for your engine using the model and spec you provided and in the electrical section you will find all of the proper test procedures for your charging system.
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    Your charging system is the 3 AMP for the battery and 5 amp AC lighting. (per owners manual)
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    You will need a battery charger and a volt meter to test it on your own, first charge the battery back up. before starting the engine test the battery volts they should be 11.7 to 12.3 volts...If your battery didnt charge up you have another bad battery. possibly because somebody (grand child;) turned the key switch to ON and left it there, todays carburetors have a anti-backfire solenoid on them and if the keyswitch is left in the ON postion for more than 24hrs it will kill your new battery.....ok lets say that your battery charged back up and it is 12.1 volts before starting.... and when you start your engine the battery then should have a higher reading like 13.2 or something, if not you do have a bad charging system and unless you want to learn all about Kohler Charging systems its best to take it to a Kolher Dealer, if you want to fix it on your own when ordering parts please have your Model and Spec numbers handy.
    Good Luck... fixing your own equipment is a great reward.


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