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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mike lane lawn care, Mar 5, 2006.

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    has anyone seen the new lawn and garden tractors at sears? they look so funny. the new Husquvarna has an air scoop and the new craftsman garden tractor has (finaly) got a foot controlled transmission. what i can't understand is how they sell a HUGE tractor with a 26 HP kohler engine and a 54" deck with a hydrostatic transmission for $2500
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    Its because all the parts are low quality cheaply made in a 3rd world country type junk by people that make $1 an hour. Think about this for a second. They can sell them at that price and still make a profit but thats only because they are so cheaply made. Now take a 54" Lazer with a 26 hp kohler or kawi that costs what? $7,000 to $8,500 or so? Now IMO they are ripping people off because there is no way in hell it costs that much to manufacture that mower. They charge cheap for the home owner stuff because they know home owners wont pay big huge money for a mower but a professional has to have the nice equipment and they know this so they rip them off.
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    The motors on the homeowners and the commercial (select home owner models anyway).
    The reason is the LT and YT and GT seem to have merged and share the same frame now. And the frame is 12 gauge I think. I'll stick with my older well built GT. Strong Kohler, frame and Hydro.
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    Economy of scale plays a BIG part of the price.

    If (hypothetically) Sears bought the blueprints and rights to a Scag mower; then started cranking out copies on the same scale as the cheap-o mowers.... the price would come down quite a bit while maintaining per unit profit.

    Those fabricated decks found on the commercial mowers could be cut,stamped,assembled, and welded by a string of robots, while a chinaman watches for flashing red lights on a screen.
    I'm not saying our current stable of commercial mower manufacturers don't make use of tactics to minimize costs, but....... when a factory in India cranks out 16 truckloads of frames in a day; which one will sell cheaper?

    Also to consider..... How many engines does Hustler buy in a year? How many engines does Sears (or AYP, etc.) buy in a year? Who do you think gets a better deal on the same engine?

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    It was brought up the top name,some 1 said exmark i say it's murray.

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