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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by sprinkler guy, Dec 8, 2010.

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    I have a potential job that needs a Craftsman style pathway light. I don't care for the Arroyo Craftsman, as most of them have an open-on-the-bottom bulb housing. Would one of you be able to recomend a manufacturer in this area. Quality and design are the primary concerns, with price being his last consideration. I have a custom build guy here in L.A., but this is something that would need to be done before Christmas day, and he can't meet that kind of deadline.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    Take a look at they have several mission style fixtures that may work for you, most are area lights but function fine in pathway applications. SPJ is in CALI. so shipping should be relatively fast. Anything from Arroyo or Hanover will be several weeks to get...Kichler is a nice option, I have not seen any issues with finishes except for the Old Brick (OB)...from years ago. They have since changed that finish and I have yet to hear of a problem. Also Kichler is great if there is ever a problem with their products; they have one of the most liberal warranties in the industry.
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    Hi Gerry. Thanks for the update. The Kichler fixtures that I had finish issues with were in fact OB "from years ago". It was enough of an issue to put me off given what I paid for the mission lanterns and the gingko lanterns. The finish literally flaked right off the fixtures after a couple of years in the field. I chalked it up to environmental conditions (freeze thaw cycles put huge stress on any type of applied coating or finish) and moved to only using copper/brass/stainless fixtures. I have also had no end of problems with the plastic S8 Wedge sockets... the retaining tabs get brittle and break when you change out the lamp. Not so much an issue when the socket is base down, but in inverted applications where the heat from the lamp bakes the socket it has been a big issue.
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    This is a comment from our QA manager in regards to the S-8 sockets:

    Yes, we changed the material from the white sockets that would get brittle and break to the more pliable black material. Haven’t heard of any issues in years.

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