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    so i got this craftsman outdoor products catalog yesterday. as im looking through it i see a commercial 36 inch mower for 2500 bucks. i have a 20 inch craftsman that we neven changed the oil in for 14 years and it ran great. has anyone had any experience with larger craftsman mowers? thanks!
  2. olde_blue

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    I've seen the catalog with Sears new 36" walkbehind. Don't buy it! The price is way too high. While it is (minimal) commercial quality, it is a low-end mower for a high-end price. It looks similar to Redhawk brand mowers which used to sell for about $1700. For $2500 you could get a 36" belt-drive Exmark, Ferris, Wright, etc. mower with a 15 hp Kawasaki twin instead of a 12.5 hp Briggs single cylinder engine, heavier duty spindles and deck construction, and the backing of commercial dealer for parts, warranty service, etc. Or else, you can buy a simliar mower and save $800. I do not know if Redhawk still makes the 36" with the briggs engine, but a quick search revealed a 32" for $1550 (see: ). Also look at Encore equipment. A few years ago they had a sub-$2000 belt-drive Briggs powered 36" walkbehind that looked to be of better quality than the Craftsman.
  3. mngrassguy

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    NEVER changed the oil in 14 years? WOW, this not the forum to be bragging about equipment abuse:hammerhead:
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    I am not a believer in getting a cheap ZTR. I would much rather have a used piece of commercial equipment. The pumps and motors just won't hold up and probably cost just as much to fix among other things.
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    My stepson only add oil when the oil light came on in his toyota, then he add 3 quart at a time!!!!! Oil is always fresh and never need changing, it is more efficient!!!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Just last week I asked him " Did you change oil in your lawn mower we gave you 5 years ago?" He said " What do you mean about changing oil!!"
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    The 36" Craftsman WB is overpriced. But their 33" WB priced at 999$ is a good mower for smaller yards and as a backup. If you want electric start and hour meter, get the 33" Cub, they are the same mower. If these mowers are not your primary machine, you should get a few years out of them. I use mine for 6 small yards weekly, where my larger WB would be too much of a hassle.

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