Craigslist ads? Free or not ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Bunton Guy, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    Always trying to keep up with different ways of marketing. Not that I was set on doing this but watched 2 videos on lawn care marketing on youtube. One from Keith Kalfas & one by Stanley Genadek, both discuss how craigslist ads are free and how they post several each day to stay on top etc..etc...

    So I go to look into this further and notice that a CL service add is $5.00 each!! yikes! that isn't free and that could get expensive fast. Especially as Keith Kalfas states he posts 12 ads per day. Is this a free service in other regions? Or maybe from the age of the videos that might have been back when it WAS free to post service ads?

    So I thought the only other way it could be free is to post the ad in the general for sale section right? But when people are looking for a service it would naturally not be found in the for sale section correct? Or am I wrong? I am not big on using CL so I don't know exactly how it works. I have bought things off CL but never posted a service.
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    yeah.. he was doing that when it was free.. it is 5 bucks now.. for each ad..5 bucks if you revise your ad.. it just don't cost anything to delete your ad.. :D
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  3. hal

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    If you don't put them in the service section but in the sales section they are free. But they might get flagged.
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    most likely will.. i do
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    Exactly, and you can post in a row now and fill the page, your just gonna pay :D
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  6. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Posting services in the for sale section on CL is lame. Like when a customer wants you to trim bushes for free - yeah same thing. My advice - stay off CL all together. Be better than that.
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    Totally lame. Never got anyone but scammers from CL when posting my services, and this was like back in 2005 when CL was the cool thing to do.
    To the O.P: you want to stay on top of acquiring customers?
    1.) Have a modern, SEO-optimized website that is informative and easy to navigate.
    2.) Have 3RD-party listings wherever you can (i.e. online yellow pages, Bing Local)
    3.) Offer a customer referral program to your current client list--give 'em a credit off their next bill for every client they send your way who signs up for services.
    4.) Doorhangers, doorhangers, doorhangers...'nuff said about that.
    5.) Sponsor a local community group like little league baseball.
    Lots of things one can do to have more business than they can handle.
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    In reference to my post, there Is one guy who is a jack of all, he will flood the services section. CL must love him!

    I do see a lot of people cross posting, or in the wrong section anymore. It’s like my newspaper in the morning, something else to read. It works for some, anymore here it’s a rat race. It’s been 4 seasons since I’ve advertised there
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