Craigslist Yard from Hell.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Ormond32176, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Ormond32176

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    I have a commercial Stihl Kombi with edger, weedeater, and soon to have hedgetrimmer. After I get a mower, I'll probably get another powerhead too. For blower, it's one of Stihl's commercial handheld. Not sure what the models are, but I looked them up the other day and they are commercial grade. If I land a big account where it's necessary, I'll upgrade to a backpack blower, I just don't need one right now. I have some before pictures of the front, but forgot to take afters, so I'm waiting til next Friday to post those.
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Lawns like that can do damage to mowers hope you price them well. One lawn can cost you a lot.
    Use do a lot for the city It paid better from city then home owners.
  3. Ormond32176

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    I am really interested in this, because there are a lot of abandoned houses where I live that need mowing. Who (office rank or w/e) did you contact, and what status were the properties(abandoned, just high grass, or what)?
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Contact your City code office
  5. monoshock

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    You need insurance and a license or they wouldn't even consider you. Most cities have a bid process you have to go trough to get any work.
  6. Ormond32176

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    I'm working out those details right now. I definitely want to get this setup properly, and legally, I'm just kind of testing the waters right now with basic service, and so far it looks good. 3 new weeklies landed today already has me making more than I would anywhere else in my area. It is all coming along nicely, and you guys have been more help than I could have ever expected.
  7. ducnut

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    I only use the Kombi hedge trimmer on thick overgrowth or willow trees (set the head to 90 degrees and cuts as fast as you can walk). It's terrible to trim bushes with, as you're too far from your work. The length of the head unit makes 1/2" of hand movement end up being ~3" at the attachment. You can't do nice hedge work like that. Buy a hedge trimmer, instead.

    I thought the same thing, until I bought one. The first time you use one, you'll be hooked. Heck, go demo one. You'll see. :laugh:
  8. ReddensLawnCare

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    One thing to consider. If you are growing that fast you may be to cheap in your area. What did you price that cleanup at
  9. Ormond32176

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    If I were just to bring that house up to par, with everything done that day (flowerbeds, fence line, deck, etc.,) that would have been a $250 job. However, it is in a low end neighborhood that no one wants to touch, we are covering it over the course of a few weeks, and he paid upfront for a month of basic lawn care with additions as we go, so I only charged him $50. He was on my route ($0 additional fuel), my tools are efficient ($3 in gas max), and I'm already due for new blades, so not a whole lot of wear and tear either.

    For lawns though, most are about 60x100 lots and take maybe 15 minutes to get to, so $25 for a just-above-handyman cut is fair imo (especially for middle-low end neighborhoods and lawns). An all out pro with pro equipment, and strict hours to keep might charge an additional $10. My cut is nothing short of pro, but the lack of "pro status" I think has me priced very fairly for now.

    As far as demos go, how exactly do those work?
  10. GreenGuysLC

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    So what do you do when he calls next week and says... I have a cousin that will cut it from now on.... you only made 50? Man... no matter what the outcome can be... always price the clean-up.... then negotiate the long term. You have invested a lot up front with no contract or guarantee that he will follow through. I applaud your business start up... but as previously mentioned... don't under price the market. When Ford sells a car they sell based on MSRP... not the class of the neighborhood. We too often bring our business down by trying to underbid or get jobs. You have got to make money... period. Your 250 price looked fair .... and I was with you... but you have lost money on this deal... learn from it and move on.

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