Craigslist Yard from Hell.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Ormond32176, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I admit that i do a lot (most) of my lawns for cheaper than i should charge. But as i get new accounts i'm charging more and more cause now that i drive and pull a trailer i have to factor in gas, wear and tear and my time.
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    Just remember that some things can't be taught, but only learned through experience. I think that some guys that are always giving pricing advice on the forum mean well, but will have very little effect on how someone else prices their work. The OP will probably look back on this lawn a year from now when he has 50 accts and making $2500/wk gross and realize that he did in fact price it for less than he should have. The objective of giving an estimate is to add up all your hourly costs + your profit and multiply that how long you expect the job to take. Starting high and dropping your price until the customer agrees or lowballing out of the gate is not estimating and will sink any business, lawn care or otherwise.
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    New spindles cost at least $350 a piece just for the parts, another $50-$100 to install.


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