Crape Myrtle mature height


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A customer of mine has a huge Crape Myrtle. At least 25-30 ft tall. We were going to prune it back since it is just over the roof of the house. But the customer and I are wondering if we should just let it be. If it isn't going to grow much more we are thinking why bother? Since we know if we prune it it is going to shoot back to where it is in no time flat and need to be done again and again.

I guess the question I'm asking is what kind of extra growth can we expect from this tree if we don't prune? Any ideas?


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roanoke virginia
as the others say it probably as high as its going to get, do some selective pruning, I hate it when they hat rack them


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do not top it! it prolly wont get any taller , but it may get wider!

just select prune from the outside working your way in!

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