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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JB1LNDSCPR, Apr 22, 2004.


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    I went today to look at a lawn that a lady wants it to be "full green lushes grass" well she has about 10 maple trees and the grass just doesn't grow good. ANY SUGGESTIONS? Thanks
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    Your the "#1 Landscaper" or so your name says. YOU ARE THE SOLUTION!
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    A thick green lawn requires 3 essential elements.


    Actually it can do quite well without fertilizer application if proper mowing techniques are used and adequate water is provided. grass. At least not a thick growing lawn.
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    first, find some toothless idiot to do your tree work and get limited sulight goin on. then, sell her palletts of st.aug for 275/pt.
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    wow, what a laugh. find some toothless idiot to do the tree work. since i'm hoping to take the arborist test next year i geuss i'll have the lose a few teeth. St. Augustine ( Stenotaphrum secundatum L. ) is a warm season grass and would not survive in the norhteast since it requires a cool season grass. find out what type of maples they are, reason being in my area the lawn, landscape and trees are 20% of the property value if not more. some sugar maples could be upwards to 10k a tree if mature and in good health. have an arborist look at the trees and see what he would reccomend, either trimming of the trees or removal.

    also, keep in mind if you do remove the trees and you have a fine fesque or a creeping red fesque that that type of grass cannot tolerate constant sun and will thin out and eventually die off.
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    WOW! Yor're in luck! Those 10 trees need to be trimmed to provide sunlight. AND they need to be maintained. Go get'em!

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