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crapy yards

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. Charles

    Charles Moderator, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 11,810

    I do 2 trailor parks that I have done for along time. Have run over everything imaginable buried in the grass. I have 3 farm type yards. Alot of weedeating to those and not very profitable. But nice scenery.
  2. grasskutter

    grasskutter LawnSite Member
    from mass.
    Messages: 38

    I have a trailer park in my area( approx 100 units) that we do, I thought I had seen everything until I had one of my employees tell me the mower sounded funny, when I checked it out I found a condom rapped around the mower blade, a very unique sound I may ad, just hope I never hear it again. Felt bad for the new guy,he had to take it off. I just couldn't do it myself. Ha Ha. Sad thing is that these people have to live in that filth.<p>----------<br>grasskutter@cs.com<br>
  3. Barkleymut

    Barkleymut LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,116

    I mow/trash pickup at a plant that manufactures office furniture. It takes about 3-4 hours to pick up trash, 4 1/2 hrs. to mow and 4 hrs. trimming. The place is a dump. I fill up 8-10 55 gallon trash bags every time with nothing but trash. Everything from old paycheck stubs to Burger King takeout bags to old socks. I told them this year, no more cigarette butts! There are literally millions of them. I never picked them up before but acted like I did. Thank god the place pays well or else I would drop them like a rock.
  4. osc

    osc LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    Manufacturing plant. Truckers bringing in loads throw steel banding and bungi chords in the grass. Along with other industrial debris this place is a mine field for lawn mowers.<br>We had 6 flats in one day, 2 tires beyond repair.
  5. little green guy

    little green guy LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 955

    I had one lawn last year that was cursed. Everytime (realy everytime) I went there something went wrong with one of the mowers. They would be fine on the job before then just randomly break and be fine after we left. stuff like reciols, flats, carbs, deck bolts fallying out of the deck. Got ride of that lawn.
  6. OP

    Charles Moderator, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 11,810

    I feel better now lol. Thought i was the only one who had the crap hehe. One time of the farm yard I let out one of the horses. I tried to tell him or her to go back in but it just stared at me. Like who the %$#*& are you to tell me what to do? I kick your butte all over this yard. Luckly the old lady who owns the pace finally came out and made it go back in. One time I ran over a rug in one of the parks. Took me about an hour to cut it off the blades. It was covered by some leaves.
  7. grasskutter

    grasskutter LawnSite Member
    from mass.
    Messages: 38

    Charles never feel crappy about those lawns if they pay good money, which my good ole trailer park does. no worries equals good money, whats a few dinged blades worth anyway?<p>----------<br>grasskutter@cs.com<br>
  8. cantoo

    cantoo LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,908

    Two things I hate are golf balls and steel horse shoes. Oh yeah and wooden croquet balls.
  9. AB Lawn Care

    AB Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 585

    Hi guys.Well I don't have any condom filled lawns but...........I had a real pain in the butt lawn job!You know the term tree hugger?Well I cut a lawn for the biggest tree hugger in the world!Picture this,a 8500 square foot home.It has a tiny front yard so most of the lawn is in the back yard.The front has 3 trees,and yes this is a correct number they have 90 trees in the back yard.YES 90!!!!Most of the trees are 1-10 year old pine,spruce and maple.They planted them in criss-cross rows and we would have to cut over and over some section becouse you would have to come in at all diffrent angles.It was a real challenge not snapping the trees with are walker.Do you remember those where three stooges movies where they would be walking through the woods and one would pull a branch back and get the next guy would get slapped buy the branch?Well same thing here but I'm sitting on a walker going through 90 trees sevral times and geting slapped poked and scraped by mainly pine branches!Think of it I was any one of the three stooges on a Walker!It is safe to say that that job is in my past!Hope this gave you guys a laugh!<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care
  10. cjcland

    cjcland LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 278

    i guess you know where to get your pine straw in the future<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida

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