Crate Myrtle help needed please

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by gpatek, Mar 7, 2007.

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    Every February I cut the limbs off of my Crate Myrtle, and evey year they grow back just as fast as I cut them.

    This year, a lawn man suggested that I cut back more. So I cut further below the limbs.. to many of the core limbs that house the smaller limbs.

    It's about six feet high now and instead of there being 20-30 braches on it, now there are 10 to 12 because I cut lower.

    I'm concerned that I may have killed the thing. It doesn't appear to be growing since 3 weeks ago when I cut it.

    Also, I "thought" someone told me when you cut a branch, always cut in a diagonal and not straight across. BUT, I am now thinking that you do that when you do NOT want the branches to grow. Nevertheless I cut the limbs at a diagonal.

    Have I killed my Crate Myrtle?

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    First of all, it would be hard to kill your crepe myrtle. There're tough. Someone did a pruning thread of them not far back. Here is a great article from Clemson:
    Maybe it will help. I've done a lot with them here in Tennessee. Prune them back after they bloom to where they started their shoots for this year. There will be a clump of them. Keep any leaves and twigs pulled off as they put out their suckers from the branches and as they come up from the roots. Give them some 3Xphosporus in the fall for the summer blooms. Lastly an aesthetic opinion--Give them legs. I prefer them to look more treeish rather that bushy. Hard to explain. After you remove a lot of the groth to give them some limbs, keep the buds and suckers pulled off--thus letting them develop branches. I bet Mr. Vaden would have some good ideas as his work is sorta oriental and more bonsai in nature. If you have a digital camera, attach a photograph--that would help with suggesions.
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    crepe myrtles r hard to kill by pruning

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