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Craziest thing I've heard in awhile.


LawnSite Member
cincinnati area
A good friend of mine who lives in the area mows 2.5 acres of grass himself. He was going to be on vacation a week and called one of the local LCO to do a one time cut. Remind you 2.5 acres of grass. Total charge...$45 dollars. I laughed. This is a company with multiple employees. How they are surviving? What do you all think?


LawnSite Senior Member
a little low in the upstate NY area, but honestly I could mow 2.5 acres in about 45 minutes by myself, so I'd charge around 60 at most


LawnSite Silver Member
I cut a property back in NY that took just under 2.5 hrs to mow trim and blow. It was a gradual incline and had virtually ZERO obstacles. The trimming up the drive and around the house including blowing off debris took about 20-25 minutes. I billed them for $165 ($30/acre) and was glad to get it.

I also had a 3 acre site that was a PITA and it had every possible distraction or possible obstacle you could think of. This site I billed $175 ($58/acre).

Premium Services

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Baton rouge , LA
i have a few 2 acre contracts $80.00 per mow $40.00 per acre.

Norm Al

LawnSite Bronze Member
tampa, florida
maybe the lawn guy is sleeping with the guys wife and feels bad but at least needs to make something to cover his gas?