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Crazy Customer

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customer called me and said that i left red markings on her driveway by spilling gas, so i told her that thats impossible cause if u spill gas its clear, so any way i go down to her house (at the end of my block) and find out that its chalk, she must have felt so stupid, what a waste of time. has anyonw had some1 like this, please tell!!
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too many stories, too little time
I usually dont fill up anything with gas in someones driveway. I use the tailgate, in the street....Just common courtesy;)
Last week a customer called the office and said that one of our crews had thrown a rock into the side of her new inflateable kiddie pool and all the water ran out. When I went over to see the damage her husband was home and he realized they had overfilled the pool and the side had collapsed on its own. This same customer has tried to blame us in the past for sprinkler damage after they drove their cars off of the driveway:dizzy:
Just had an old lady catch me mowing by her house and tells me "I've been calling the number on the sheet you gave me for the last 3 weeks and it's been busy everytime I tried." So I said "show me which number you were calling." She gets the estimate sheet out and points to the number. She was calling her own number in the client info section!:p . She was soooooo embarassed......
Your guy threw rocks on my truck . The guy was me , so prove it !
Some people aren't the brightest bulbs but as long as their money spends I am fine. I have had many problems like this over the years.

Read my signature.:dizzy:
haha, I have never had someone try and call their own number. I'll bet she doesn't complain about anything for awhile....
Those are the be$t type of customers. If all my customers smarted up, I would definately lose alot of business. The dumber they are, the less questions they ask.
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