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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exmark user, Jan 16, 2011.

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    its in the food watch FOOD INC.
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    One of my many favorites is a customer who purchased a foreclosed house and we were doing a full clean up of the yard and re-constructing the front flower beds and landscape. When I wrote up the estimate we walked the property and she told me it was fine to removal all of the overgrown bushes and roto-till the front of the house. So we cleared the entire bed and neatly raked the soil even. She came home screaming out of control in here driveway asking where her pear tree was. I just said what are you talking about? The was only one tree in that bed and it was a eucalyptus tree about 3ft tall. She insisted there was a pear tree there and I kindly explained it was not a pear tree and it would just take over the bed. She refused to stop screaming until I dug the tree out of the truck and showed her it was not a pear tree. She then tried to tell me she wanted me to get her a pear tree and put it in free of charge for the inconvenience. I just found that part funny!
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    I posted this back in the fall, I had a customer I was doing leaves for. The customer wanted the leaves mulched not bagged, I had mulched leaves in the open parts of the yard. Then I was blowing leaves out of the beds and from under trees so I could go back over them and mulch the rest of the leaves. The lady came out tapped my shoulder and said I wanted my leaves mulched not blown into piles, I tried to explain I was just getting them in the open so I can mulch them with my mower but she just never got it. I dropped her I dont need someone telling me how to do leaves at least wait till im done then complain if your not happy dont look at the job half way through.
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    i had the same thing happen to me here in mn in 08. the guy was pharm. rep. said he was divorced now living with his young gf who had kids. i thought the guy would never shut up. sent the bills, sent the bills, sent the bills. finally someone else was mowing. so i was like what the f. so i call him. he doesnt know me, or remember telling me all his personal stuff. then said his realiter set things up. I said but you set stuff with me also and mowed x times. I fibbed him and said i had a signed contract from him. got a check 3 days later with a note attached saying he shouldnt be paying for something he never agreed to. sometimes i wonder how some people seem to exist they are so bone headed.
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    I passed out fliers stating $25 a cut or a 38 cut a yr plan $80 a month. Had a couple of ppl call an say thats $80 for the whole yr for 38 cuts? lol..
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    I had a customer answer the door in underwear only before. It sucked because it was a dude and he still didn't have my money.

    I lost a customers phone number once and had to go by her house and get it. I got there and she said "Sweetie you could have just called me and got that". And she was a teacher, scary.
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    the sadest thing thats ever happened to me. I just cut a yard, the lady next door came out. An older lady looked all there very nice. She asked if i worked for the guy that cuts her lawn. I said no. She said her dog died 2 yrs ago and was buried in the back yard and she could hear him barking..And asked if i would dig him up to make sure he was dead..I didnt..I talked to her lawn guy and she has got him to dig up and rebury the dog before. So sad. God please if i get like that take me. amen!
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    Oh my gosh, this is EPICALLY funny!! This is one of the funniest things I have read on Lawnsite!! I'm sure it probably wasn't funny at the time, but..........

    Sorry man, just ribbin ya. Still hilarious though......... I'm still laughing out loud, and my dog is looking at me funny since nobody else is home........

    You're killin' me here!!
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    lol lol lol
  10. BadRancher

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    I also mow a yard and the clients have a one eyed Golden Lab in the back yard. One day I was going into the back yard and he shot out of the gate. I chased him about a half mile round trip, we both almost got hit by a car. I ended up getting him back in the front yard and throwing a stick into the backyard gate and he "retrieved" it. I should have thought of that first.

    One other time I mowed the wrong yard. It was ayard my friend was cutting and he decided to stop in that area because he had lack of yards there. In the same subdivision there is a Woodgate Pl and a Woodgate Dr. I was supposed to be going to Woodgate Pl. but I didn't make it. I mowed the yard a lil old lady came out and said I wasn't the guy that normally cut. She said where is Ryan. I told her my name is Chris Ryan and I was the guy...... Then it sunk in I was at the wrong place. Not my proudest moment, but funny now looking back. She offered to pay and I told her no then she made me take it because it looked good.

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