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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exmark user, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. ReddensLawnCare

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    I maintain an HOA here with about 30 houses...each one with a small garden right by the house and lawn behind it separated with a walkway...there is one lady that just hates me and is not quite right in the head in my anyways..i had finished mowing and trimming and was getting started with blowing all of the paths and common its important to know that the wind has been blowing towards her back door for the whole i get behind her home to blow of the path and she jumps in front of me with a broom and then proceeds to kneel down and start picking up blades of grass while cussing me out...i couldnt help but laugh at her which only made it worse. She began to accuse me of coming around and blowing all of her neighbors and hers grass into her flowerbed b/c i did not like her...i tried to tell her that i had just started blowing and that it was b/c the wind was blowing...her response....Well thats not my problem, you shouldnt rely on the wind to do your blowing for you. If you had any common sense you would have had your helper blow use the blower to blow the grass away from my garden while you mowed.....i then kindly explained that I pointed my discharge away from the homes/gardens at all times.,.she cussed me out a few more times and I told her to get over, have a drink, and get laid...she walked inside and that was it....moral of the story...dont do any work at that hoa when she is around
  2. ReddensLawnCare

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    ** oh and she still hates me
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    funny storys!!
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    Had a guy hired me once, to demolish an old undrivable RV. Was going to use a sawzall/generator, & cut off torch, cut it up and haul it away. This thing had been sitting there for 15+ yrs. No gas cap on the tank & I'm thinking its probably full of water by now. I torched a small hole in the side of tank and a little stream of on fire gas was pouring out into the ground, I went to grab a shovel, throw some dirt on it, put it out quickly, until a visiting idiot stepped up and put a piece of 2' x 4' plywood under where the gas was pouring into the dirt, gas ran all over the board & UNDER the RV, within (2) mins, the whole RV was engulfed in a roaring fireball! Fire Dept put it out but it left me a bigger mess to clean up. Mr Idiot disappeared fore the firemen showed up, good thing cause I was ready to kick his ass good!
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    YOU cut a hole in a gas tank with a torch and your calling someone else a Idiot ? Its like Ok this RV has been sitting for 15 years, let me cut a hole in the gas tank with a torch and see if i kill my self or not.
  6. FLAhaulboy

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    Had there been Ivory Soap in the tank, I would of had napalm!
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    I HAD a lady whose lawn was covered with dandy-lions, she didn't't want me to use herbicide, ask me to pull them all by hand. I then informed her that it would be cost prohibitive. She later accused me of "just smashing the grass over to make it look like I mowed". I told her that every week I'm in the neighborhood so i just stop by and walk my $4000 machine around your yard not cutting anything. Is this what you are saying? And she says "That's exactly what I'm saying". So I say "Where are all the little yellow flowers". Turned away fired up and put machine back on the trailer, and never went back. C u next tuesday.
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    A few years ago i had a yard that I had cut a few times. The guy always struck me as wierd but left cash under the mat so whatever. I would catch him peeking out of the mini blinds a few times every visit also. The last time I was scheduled to go to his house he called me 22 times in 2 days to "confirm the confirmation" that I was coming. Called at 4:30 in the morning which was the last straw. I ignored the call and called him back when I woke up. Told him that he needed to find someone else to cut his yard trying to be polite and he started to cuss at me so I hung up. My phone immediately rang so I let it go to voicemail and in the voice from the girl on wedding crashers I hear "you hung up on me". he left me 18 messages that day with the beginning ones being angry and the last few asking if we could still be friends.
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    lmao, lol We work hard. There's plenty of yards out there. So... I don't put up with the bs. When you do good work you keep the people you have and others call you. last year i got rid of the trouble makers fast. One lady lied to me and said. Didn't i pay you cash the first of april. No! My first cut was the last week of april and you gave me a check. Bs! Trying to not pay me. So, before my next cut.. Told her my 21" mower broke can't cut your lawn BYE.. Hate lairs!!
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    Lol you hate liars but you lied to get out of having to service their lawn. I would have told her the truth and said sorry but your going to have to find someone else....

    Then, I would have recommended my competition to her so she can wate their time ad do less lawns :)
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