Crazy Customers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exmark user, Jan 16, 2011.

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    lol! thats funny
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    Sometimes there is no pleasing customers, no matter what you do to accommodate them and at that time they should no longer be a customer. Time is money and it shouldn't be wasted. After enough time spent trying to accommodate them you must know that you're barking up the wrong tree (Thats a British expression for time wasting:nono:)
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    Very true, if you cant make them happy it is best to just tell them that it is not working out and they have to find someone else. Best to tell them, don't just stop showing up. If they press you why it is not working tell them, Honesty is still the best policy
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    i have one customer that I cant really stand...He is extremely anal about his yard and will get pretty upset if he finds ONE weed in his yard when he is walking around in it. It took some time but I just do my best and let the chips fall as they may...He isnt home most of the time so i just do my work and leave and send him a bill each month...I might not like him but I sure do like his money :)
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    Anyone got any crazy stories this year?

    Had a new customer, the first mowing, she calls flipping out. The guys left her gate open by accident, and she had a dog.

    She said "Oh my, well, huh, um, thank God I was home! I mean, what if, they left, gate, huh...they left my gate open, what if my dog got out?! I mean really, thank God I was home!"

    After I calmed her down, I said it'd leave a note for them to make sure the gate was closed. 45 minutes later, a call back from her:

    "I was just leaving and noticed by my driveway they left a 4' patch they didn't mow."

    I explained sometimes property lines can be hard to find, but I will send them out to fix it. She was fine with it, until the following week:

    "I uh, well, I'm inspecting the lawn and the right side of the driveway is longer than the left. I mean, this is getting crazy."

    I explained the right side of her driveway sits higher than the left, its also rounded and not flat. The same guy used the same mower on both sides, its the same height. She says "Oh, maybe your right".

    Then the following week she calls to compalin about the trimming. I went over her house, yet again, to see if I could find the problem. I walked her yard for 30 minutes and couldn't see anything. I asked her for specifics, as I couldnt see anything, and she sent me this LIST of every spot she didn't like. I politely told her I'd have to end the service.
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    I found the best policy to be honest with them and tell them your not fit to service their lawn. One thing my mother taught me before even thinking about going in business is some customers just aren't worth it. If their costing more of a hassle then your making off them, then their simply not worth it. Your in business to make money, your going to have things to deal with and crazy people to deal with, but you only deal with as much as you put up with.

    I had a customer that wanted her yard cut down to 1". Griped me and told me to cut it lower after I cut it at 1" until I explained to her I don't have a mower that cuts any lower then 1". She then started adding one thing she wanted done for free. Then another, then another, until I drew the line. I had my final straw with her after she told me to put her first on the list before all my other customers after a few days of heavy rain in the Spring. Did I mention her calling and leaving 5+ voicemails before 8 a.m.? Then she proceeds to tell me how I can't show up at 8 a.m. because her neighbors will get mad and I have to be there before 1 before she goes to work, (on her time.) After that she got an explanation of why I would no-longer be servicing her lawn. Worst one I've had to deal with so far.

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