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Crazy in Atlanta

Jody P

LawnSite Member
North Atlanta
I had planned on starting my own lawn service business last year but got side tracked. I am partners in a concrete foundation business. I do all the work an have an investor who helps with the payroll. Bottom line is that we have over $250,000 in trucks and equipment plus 7 -8 employees. My daily fuel cost runs over $250.00 per day. Due to the nature of the business we have to work all over the expanded Metro Atlanta area. Pre-planning is almost non existent in this business and some weeks we have more work than we can handle and other weeks we have no work.

My question is this. All said and done I make close to $50,000 per year minus some expenses, If I was to re-channel my energy into the lawn care business can I make a decent living? I know that it might require multi crews but with what I have in equipment now I could purchase additional lawn care equipment as need.

Also I have had some experience in this business. Besides doing the work I have managed a lawn care crew for a large local builder.