Crazy lady today!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rider1000, Apr 22, 2001.

  1. rider1000

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    Got a call late last night (7:30 p.m.) woman wanting an estimate on cutting her lawn. Told her I would stop by today and take a look. I had a 2:30 meeting in her area with a landscaper and had to pick up some mulch.I show up at her place around 4:30 and she's outside mowing the lawn with a push mower. I pulled up and started to get out and the woman goes ballistic and screams at me don't worry about it now. I take care of her neighbors lawn and was going to give this woman a good price since she was right next door. Told my wife she was red in the face from mowing and will probably call back. When she does, I believe I'll tell her I just increased my prices by 15% the day before. I can't believe this woman expected me to show up the morning after calling and cut her lawn that day. I didn't even have my equipment with me since I was hauling mulch.
  2. Charles

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    You should have told her whether it would be morning or afternoon when you would stop by. She might have just been waiting on you all day. I try to give a general time of day for estimates.
  3. DBM

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    I had a similar thing happen to me on Friday. This lady calls me at noon requesting a one time cut - It's my first year so I've been doing them. She calls wanting to know how much it would cost for me to cut her grass. Of course I can't give her a price over the phone, especially because she has no idea how large her property is. I keep asking if I can visit and give her an estimate, she says "O.K. when can you come out?". I told her I was home for lunch and I would busy for the rest of the day - How about Monday? She wigs out saying that's too late, she needs it cut today! (Friday), and follows it up with a I'll have to call you back - click.

    I doubt she could get her neighbours kid on such short notice.
    These one time cut calls are a major pain in the butt. Most of them expect me to quote them over the phone for $10.00/hr and expect me to remove clippings. Although I need the work, I'm wondering if I really need the frustration of one time cuts.

  4. John Allin

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    Poor planning on your end (i.e. the customer)
    does not constitute an emergency on my end.
  5. Guido

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    You got to it first John! My Compliments!! :)
  6. John Allin

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    Great minds think alike.
  7. bob

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    A lot of elderly customers think the same way. They think that your sitting around at home, just waiting for them to call you. I call this the "Fire Department" compairison. When the alarm (your phone) goes off, hop in your truck and make a bee line to their house!
  8. MJ

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    John - I have the "poor planning" saying posted in my office. Pretty effective, too.


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