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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Keegan, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Keegan

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    I went on a cleanup estimate and when I pulled up to the house I did not want the job. It looks like it hadn't been cleaned in a few years.
    So I went to the door and a crazy lady comes out. She takes me around the yard just pointing to areas where she wants me to clean up to. "leave a little around this bush but no this one" Along the sidewalk she just wants 2' cleaned and the rest left with leaves. This goes on and on all over the yard. So I give her a price which I thought was high. She says that's a little more than I wanted to pay. phew! than she says just so we are on the same page she takes me around the yard again and this time she adds more area all over. So I said (trying to be nice) I misunderstood what you said before but that will add to the price. Than I get when can you do it. (I did this last week) I said late next week at the earliest. Oh she says. Finally I said look for someone who can do it quicker. Ok, she says I will talk to couple other people. Two hours later she leaves me a message says I want you to do it.
    It gets better. I was telling my mother in law about her. Turns out she worked for this woman (she a divorced marriage counsler) This lady was the only person she ever quit because she couldn't work for her. She kept adding things for her to do in the without adding hours and pay. Same thing she was doing to me. Now she called me today asking "when are going to start?" SHE'S NUTS!!

    What's a good excuse? I don't want to have to fight for my money.

    Sorry for the long rant.
  2. Hanau

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    Pray for several feet of snow between now and next week so you can't do the leaf clean up.
  3. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    Just call her and tell her that 2 large clean ups, you took before hers, called and gave you the go ahead to start them. Apologize and tell her she will need to find someone else. Maybe if you tick her off enough she will never call you again!
  4. zturncutter

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    Tell her that you believe she is "Nuts" and you feel it would be best if you did not work for her. This will solve your problem, I know from personal experience.:laugh:
  5. Yater

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    Raise your price to what she's worth (to deal with). If she bites, do the job ONCE and get out.
  6. mak

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    I agree with the "tell her you had other bids come in and you are too busy to get to it" It keeps your professional image intact and she will call someone else and then just don't answer her calls in the future!

    ADVANCEDOHIO LawnSite Member
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    If payment is what yer worried about... Call her, tell her you will be out to pick up the deposit, and it will be completed within two or three days after that.

    Otherwise tell her additional jobs came in before she called you back and you dont have the time to get her scheduled in now. Or be honest and tell her after further thought you would rather not do the job.

    FYI: I have a "crazy lady" I maintain every week and after dealing with her more and more and killing her with kindness....shes one of my best customers that pays to have everything done AND the first to pay her bill monthly. I guess it depends on how bad you want work. She may also tell a "non-crazy" friend about you and one lead may lead to another. GOOD LUCK!!!
  8. bohiaa

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    were always high on clean ups because it's been my experance that they will add more to it....
  9. sehitchman

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    I went to price a clean up about 60 days ago. Per the phone, she just wanted the backyard cleaned up. The beds were full of weeds, small unwanted trees, poke weed about 6' tall and a bunch of poison ivy. It would need about 30 bails of pine straw to complete. I gave her a quote via email after the visit. She also said it was a lot more than she expected. I was ok with not doing the job, it was all fenced in and no access for the trailer and she had a forest behind her, but did not want any mulching put in the woods. I quoted double what it should have been just in case she said yes. So, a month goes by and she calls saying she wants the job done. I go back and now it is loaded with a couple trailer loads of leaves, she has added two over grown islands in the front, that have a slope of about 50 degrees, and wants whatever is making her dog's sick removed. I again said that the price would need to be adjusted because of the additional work, and unless the poke was making the dogs sick I had no idea what to take away. She was like "this is the same work I had you quote before." I was so confused that I told her I'd have to think about it and would email her a new quote. I upped the price "huge" with a note that I could only be responsible for the yard clean up and did not have the skill or knowledge to access what was making her dogs sick. She never called back. I went by today and it looks the same just more leaves. Sometimes it is better just to walk away. One of my other customers in the neighborhood said she was a nut case.
  10. topsites

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    Why didn't you just quote the lady a normal price for what she asked you to do?

    Do auto mechanics turn me away because my car is 20 years old?
    And what if it's falling apart and all I want them to do is change the oil?
    Same thing...

    It would be a whole different story if she was too cheap to pay a normal price,
    but the fact she has leaves that may have not been cleaned in a long time
    doesn't make her cheap, not in and of itself.
    And maybe she's lazy lol, but that's not my problem, if anything maybe that's why she called, but who knows, who cares?

    Some of those customers are the best ones to work for, don't have to worry about all them high expectations.
    Sure it won't look like a Class A+ immaculately perfect yard afterward, but then I figure she probably knows that,
    so on jobs like these all I do is what they ask of me.

    As I like to say, if someone can be dumb enough to ask me to do something, then I can be stupid enough to do the work.
    So who cares, just quote the price for the labor, do the work and get paid.
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