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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Keegan, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Tinkerer

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    Tell her your dog chewed off your big toes a few nights ago after you fell asleep very drunk. Your in a lot of pain right now and she should call someone else.
  2. cam185

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    arent they all???
  3. Charles

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    I wouldn't have went to the door in the first place with it looking like you described it:laugh:
    You could tell her that it will cost X amount of dollars and that buys her a certain amount of time. Set a time limit on the job. Tell her that the more time the more $$. Give her that in writing
  4. ALC-GregH

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    but Charles, all these guys would rather be dishonest and lie to the lady and then rip her off on the job if they get it.

    I mean, look at this example this guy wrote! How professional can one be? Wait, I'm sorry, how UNprofessional can one be?

    "Tell her your dog chewed off your big toes a few nights ago after you fell asleep very drunk. Your in a lot of pain right now and she should call someone else. "
  5. sehitchman

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    You are correct, I did need the head knock for what I posted. More detail might have kept me from looking like a putz. Problem was, she complained about the price of everything from the 1st talk. Didn't want wheeled equipment on her yard, had about a 300' one lane drive,and did not want the truck or trailer blocking it, or the garage. She was worried about the power equipment noise making her dogs crazy. There was a rock retaining wall across 2/3's of the lot that was, leaning, and falling down and I knew that removing the growth would likely cause it to collapse. She told me I'd be responsible to repair it if it fell down, not expecting to pay for it. Just way to much liability for the reward. I planned on a two day job just because of the repeated trips to dump the trash. We're talking a big area of overgrown brush about 300' across and about 100' into the forest. Requiring tarping the trash over the wall, through a 3' gate and 300' down a steep grade to the trailer at the street. I should have said that due to the extera work is why I increased the price over norm. When I went back, she repeated several times, "as long as you remove what ever is making my dogs sick". I told her everytime that I had no way to know what or why her dog's were getting sick and would only remove what she directed me to. That was unacceptable per her, wanted me to make sure to remove the offending plants. I tried several times to tell her that I did not want to do the work, probably what she heard from anyone else she called.
  6. buckwheat_la

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    lay it out for her in a letter that you don't believe you are capable of doing the work with her specifications, and if she wants you to do the work, she well have to sign a "no liability contract" that should wake her up, but seriously i think you are asking for trouble with this one, we had a customer like this last year, never again.
  7. jvanvliet

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    This sounds like a client not worth working for. Between her adding to the task as you go and what seems like an unstable mind, you have to wonder when you get through doing exactly what you agreed to do, if she won't tack on something else for you to do before she will pay you... if at all.

    This has happened to me several times... "great job, but oh by the way, take out my trash." "No problem ma'm, just as soon as you pay me for THIS job, we can talk about the trash..." "Oh no, I couldn't possibly write the check until after you take out the trash..." AHHHHH!!!!

    I turn these people down by simply saying that I appreciate the opportunity to bid the job but that I don't think I'll be able to complete it to her satisfaction and then refer another company.

    In the long run, these people cost you money and a lot of grief.
  8. greengiant9963

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    If you do take the job. Get the payment in advance before you start the cleanup.
  9. Smallaxe

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    She is a divorced marriage counselor. She's just kidding herself and she knows it. Trying to find value in life, by "gettin' over on the system"...
    Your doing the job her way, but making it look sharp, as some of the leaves are left behind, will give her a good reality check.

    If you don't get paid, then walk away and chalk it up to advertising, but when you turn down work - you better make sure you have enough.
  10. Yater

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    I had a crazy lady try to refuse paying me because she thought I didn't cut the grass. She said "there's no way you could have done the whole yard that fast." I had cut it at 3" and it looked great. Then she shorted me $10 and I didn't catch it until I got to the truck. She actually called me the next week to ask why I hadn't been out yet...

    She was a pita too. She'd park her car in the yard and ask me to move it for her, she had little plastic squirrels and crap all over the yard, and she'd sit in the window and watch me...then come running out while I was working to make sure I was going to blow off the driveway or get the leaves off of the window sill. "MA'AM, I'm STILL CUTTING"!

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