The bids in southern Indiana are gettin crazy. The county parks dept. took bids on mowing a park 3 acres,with lots of tree's , trash ,play ground equip, and people around alot. In 1993 I mowed it for $55.00 per time and it was way to low. Now in 2000 someone bid $ 39.50 per time they saw someone bid $40.00 last yearand dropped their bid $.50. I laughed and told the woman in charge of the parks at that rate in a few years they might be paying you. Work smarter not Harder.


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Yea and the guy who got the job might as <br>well put a sign on his rig saying (will <br>mow for food)<p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale


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A little while back we were sending out bids and gave out an estimate using the numbers from a different jobsite. Called property manager when we discovered the error. The price jumped from $3200.00 for the season to to the actual price of $8300. He informed us the new price put us in the same price range as 3 other bidders but the lowest bidder was a college kid who was cheaper than our original bid.<p>The property manager said the doctor who owned the office building told him to hire the kid. Said the doctor felt this was a good deed to help the kid thru college. If the doc really wanted to help the kid out he would pay him the same as the pro's had bid the job.<p>Good luck


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i bidded a job a couple of months ago and knew that i was low enough to get it. (if anyone bidded under me they had to lose money) well someone did bid under me because i didn't get it. The place was a new installation and looked good when it was installed. now i drive by and the turf is all tracked up and they must have a blind monkey trimming for them. I think I will go back and tell the manager that i will get the place back in shape for twice the original bid.


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recently I bid a church for mowing and related services only for $100 weekly. the grounds committee chairperson informed me the low bid was $60. I commented to let the low bid have it.<p>they gave the job to me.<p>GEO


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Just for info purposes, I know a guy who mows the church for free, all 3+ acres and trimming, writes off the full value of the job per week on his taxes, and also gets all the work he can handle from parishoners and passersby who admire the nice job he does at a highly visible location and his name prominently displayed on the truck for all to see.<p>From what I can tell, public area mowing jobs, esp if they are in a high traffic/high visibility area, are worth a whole page ad in the yellow pages and more, and are highly sought after. My guess is that $40 job takes a crew of three, two riders and a trim man, maybe 45 minutes to mow, and gets the company a half dozen new full price accounts per month.<p>Bill
The high vis give away job does not have<br>to be a non-profit.<p>Home builders who have model homes would<br>just love some full service lawn care in exchange for a small sign on the lawn.<br>If your real nice to the builder he just might let you put a small display of your<br>work at the local builders home show etc.<p>Myself I am not spending a dime on advertising this year again. My market is untapped for someone to maintain athletic<br>fields in a proper manner. I plan on concentrating my marketing efforts directly<br>to public/private schools, universities,<br>even the scoccer clubs.<p>I just want to do the playing fields for<br>any scrub can hack away at the rest of the turf.

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