Crazy New Clients burry my dog request?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nosparkplugs, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. nosparkplugs

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    I just canceled a 12 month lawn maitenance contract with a single older women, kids in college, on a budget lingo, and living in a 500,000 house?

    I got her to sign the lawn contract, and did a 2 season's worth of leafs "spring clean-up", and she paid, then the strangest thing happened two weeks ago she comes home from work to find one of her little dogs dead in it's day time kennel, got it's collar caught on the wire cage, and went crazy trying to free itself, strangled itself dead in the kennel. So she calls me at 7:00 PM on a weeknight asking me to bury this little dog, I did it free of charge, that whole thing makes, the hair on my arm stand up just a strange women.

    So now she's got a list of Lawn & landscape work for me, I need bids ASAP I get her bids for each jobs. bids are high is her response,and can we do half the work for half the price, "the nickle & diming client" I'm like ok, thinking I can work on other accounts while she is saving for the next jobs, the next day I get a e-mail you only did half the work when are you coming back to finish? I'm PO'ed now I call her back,and remind her she said she could not afford the work to be done all at once.So now she is denying that she e-mailed me requesting half the work for half the money. I just said forget this account e-mailed her she's canceled, sometime peace of mind is worth more than money.
  2. JohnnyRoyale

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    Did you get paid-how much money are we talking about?
  3. Currier

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    Doesn't sound like your the case, but I've run across a few older folks that seem to be in the early stages of alzheimers but maybe just haven't been identified by those close to them yet.
  4. brucec32

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    She practically screamed to you "I'm a nutjob" and "I'm cheap!" and yet you still took on more work with her. Follow your gut next time. Consider it a life lesson.

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