crazy phone call today

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by JKOOPERS, Nov 5, 2005.


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  2. lawn_pro

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    no, never had a call like that, a unique idea-sort of strange?
  3. Nosmo

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    When you finally get to a human about this it will be the bottom line. It's gonna cost you in the end if you take up the offer. They'll probably begin asking you questions about how you would like this designed and that colored.

  4. Richard Martin

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    The sign on the building says since 1998 and the guy says since 1990. Kinda funny. They also claim employees with at least 7 years experience. Where you gonna find help with that much experience. Most of them get deported long before then.
  5. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    Sounds like a company at the Green Expo. We were there yesterday and I seen a co there advertising website design. I believe that was the name of their co. LawnCare or something in that manner. Did you sign up for anything recently that would flag you for a call like that?
  6. tiedeman

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    that is a pretty cool site there. But kind of freaky too
  7. ltlm

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    i had the same mes on friday from them.
  8. Runner

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    I get those all the time. There are SEVERAL companies out there that do this. It's just a web design company doing sales. They slap together a generic site (same templtes are used for ALL their sites) and call you with this fabulous offer. I tell them the same thing everytime one calls. Thanks, but no thanks...and by the way,..please take my number off of your sales list.

    Geez, as I looked at this, this site is put together rather crudely and is sort of amatuerish. The guy that does the voice audio stammers and delays as he reads the stuff off the cards. You can tell when he switches lines....he has a delay there even right after the word "and" at times.... There are also typing errors in spelling on there. I didn't realize it was just a cartoon. I've seen many of them that are far better.
  9. Envision

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    Just got the same message today with the same URL. We should all sign up for it and we could all have the same website!:)

  10. I kinda like the layout but it reminds me of the old kung-foo movies. The guys lips are moving even when he ain't talking. If they could clean it up and make the dialog a little smoother it would be a great site.

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