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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by upsondown, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. upsondown

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    This probably will make no sense to you guys but trust me on this - in the end it will. Here's a hypthetical situation: You call your dealer and tell him the specific model of a mower that you want - and part of what you tell him is that you want an "Electric Start". The mower arrives and then you find out that in order to start the mower you must pull the cord. How many of you if I said "I want an Electric Start" would interepret that to mean - that all you would do is turn the key and engine would start?
  2. upsondown

    upsondown LawnSite Senior Member
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    oops should have read "hypothetical".... please over look the typo's... it's early...
  3. Acute Cut

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    I would get on to him "nicely" and ask if we can fix the situation. It's an electric start, no biggie. GET IT OR I HUNT YOUR WHOLE FAMILY DOWN TONIGHT! And then smile and walk away and wait patiently by the phone. :D See, being nice can work to. Hypothetically of course.:cool:
  4. walker-talker

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    "Electric start" is exactly what you turn a key and it else could you interepret that????
  5. upsondown

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    well that's what I think most reasonable people would think also..... but the dealer states that electric start and electronic start are two different phrases used by Exmark. I've spoken with an executive in Exmark and that is news to him as well. The dealer acted like I was a nutcase when I said - hey - we expect to turn the key and the motor starts - whatever you want to call it !
  6. MOturkey

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    I'd probably ask him if his pickup has "electric start" or "electronic start". Neill
  7. Rick Jones

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    So how did you leave things with the dealer? Do you have the mower now?
  8. beransfixitinc

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    Hmm.. did you state to your dealer that you wanted a "Key start" ? He may have misunderstood you to think that you wanted to make sure you were getting an engine with electronic ignition as opposed to an engine with a magneto.

    just my fitty cent worth
  9. upsondown

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    Well here's what transpired. The end of last month we purchased four of these same units - but without Electric start. When I spoke with the salesman I specifically told him on this one I will be using it - and do not want to be pulling cords to start it - that it needs to be and Electric start unit. He then quoted the price and I placed the order. On Wednesday when I went to pick it up - they had it running when we pulled the trailer around back for loading and they pulled it onto the trailer and shut it off. Even though we have other similar units - the service rep who was loading it - felt it needful to go through the "operations". First thing he did was reach and pull the cord. I was standing at a distance taking with the sales rep as he was going through it with my worker - but once he did that I walked over and asked him to shut it down. I then said "This is not an electric start unit?". No sir it's not was his response. I then asked him to hang on - that I needed to go inside and meet with the sales manager - because we obviously have a problem. I walked in - called the sales manager aside and told him of the problem. He then walked over to his desk - picked up the paperwork, along with the check I had just written and tore them up - and during such said "You've been nothing but trouble from the onset of this". Well - frankly - I was stunned - first by a comment like that - and then trying to understand what it was that I had said or done - that caused trouble??? The only thing that I could come up with was that after the unit was ordered - I faxed them a letter asking that there be 2 add on items installed and ready - when we picked up the unit......1) a metal debris catcher and 2) a bronco rider. I never asked for - or got a price on those two items - as I knew roughly what they would be - and felt the dealer would treat us fairly - since we had already bought 4 other units from them. I walked out of the store to my truck and told the service rep to unload the unit that I was not taking it - and retrieved the manuals from the seat - turning - the salesman was there and said "i hope you'll never come back here again - because we don't need your business". I should have - at that point went inside and met with the owner to find out what the f*** was going on??? - but I didn't.... I returned to my office and called Exmark and explained what had just happened. One of the VP's at Exmark was about as stunned as I was and said he certainly would look into it. I then decided to call the owner of the dealership - and gave him the run-down on what had happened - and he profusely apologized - and was as much in the dark on it as I am. He is having a meeting this morning with the salesman and the sales manager to get to the bottom of it. I asked him to at least call me back and let me know what it was that would cause the sales manager in particular to state "you've been nothing but trouble". I told the owner that regardless of the outcome - that I would be going to another dealership to purchase this and all future units. What you guys have done in a similar situation??
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    Id have done the same as you with ALOT more attitude, and let him know what i think of him. Good job. Its an exmark you can get them or their parts anywhere. Oh and electric start to me is "start it with a key".

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