Crazy story, but true!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jfoxtrot9, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Big C

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    When I block someones mailbox, I make it a point to keep an eye out for the mail carrier and will stop working to meet them at their vehicle and put the mail in the mailbox's amazing to see them go from pissed to all smiles just by helping them out.
  2. 94gt331

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    Same here, I do the same. We see this everyday when we are mowing neighhborhoods, I try to get the mail from them also, they appreciate it, it does seem like there being lazy and not getting out of there trucks, It's kindof similar when we are mowing at state apartment projects and all the section 8 folks leave there kids toys and all there junk in there yards or there just hanging in there yards and won't get out of our way when we are mowing there little front yards, so I simply skip mowing them. But Some mail ladies do refuse to get out of there truck for the life of them at all costs and that does bug me.
  3. jfoxtrot9

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    I'll tell you, I feel bad for this lady. I guess she rubbed me the wrong way with the honking and pointing and her attitude right from the start, but I would rather not be part of this sort of thing. Knowing what I know now, after this incident, I will attempt to be proactive in heading this sort of thing off. I'd rather swallow my own pride and be helpful than this. I still am just shocked that people act like this because something is not going their way.
  4. Jimslawncareservice

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    The mail lady who delivers my mail, also delivers the mail at a town home association that I take of. One day she left a note on a certified letter notification, saying not to park in front of mail boxes. I left it in the box and wrote LOL!! I still park where I want.
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  5. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    That would have been hilarious
  6. Keith

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    Most postal employees are pretty decent folk. I stay away from the boxes when I can, and have only run into one that really has an attitude. The one that delivers to my mom's house. He's a complete turd.

    There is a business across the street from her with three mail boxes side by side. There was a customer parked in front of the boxes one day, so he would have had to get out of the truck to place the mail. The guy never stopped. He drove another 40 ft to the next two boxes. The owner of one of the businesses ran out to grab his from the guy and he told him "you're not getting your mail today!" And this dude constantly delivers mail to wrong place. My mom lives in a single family residence, but she constantly gets packages that were supposed to go to a golf cart business two blocks over. Completely different street! I mean he has to get out and put the packages at the door. What kind of moron could confuse a 1200 sq ft concrete block house with a golf cart business in a massive industrial complex?
  7. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    One time I accidentally blocked a mail box so I just happen to been in the front yard and the mail lady asked me to move. So I say no problem and move and then the next week she gave me a freezing cold water so sometimes it works out lol
  8. zechstoker

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    Most the areas I work in have one big neighborhood mailbox, so the carrier only makes one stop per block. Naturally though, the homes I service are right there where the community mail box is located. I've had to park in front of one of these a time or two while the carrier was in the area, but it's never caused a problem. They just park behind me, and walk a few extra feet without giving me any grief.
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  9. MOturkey

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    Let's face it. People are both lazy, and nuts. I understand it is easier to deliver the mail from the truck, but we don't live in a perfect world. I mow two properties, used to be 3, on one mailman's mounted route here locally. One, I can position my rig where he can get to both mailboxes, but the other is on a culdesac, and basically, anywhere you park, you are going to be blocking a mailbox. A couple of times, I would pull into the neighborhood, and see him, so I'd just wait at the end of the street until he was done, then pull in and park. A couple of times, he showed up while I was mowing, and had to get out of the truck. I apologized, but he just says, "no problem!"

    In my opinion, if someone is so lazy they can't get their butt out of the truck and walk 15 feet to a mailbox, they need to look for another line of work. I'm not sure how I would have reacted had the postal lady slapped me, but I can guarantee you that if she had done it to my wife, she would have whipped her butt all over the street. :)
  10. TriCountyLawn

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    Had a mail lady trip out as well once. She starts bitchin up a storm cause of concrete trucks blah blah. I said "look lady you have bitched at me longer then getting out of your truck and walking 5 feet. She just drove off.

    I have a place where I almost block the box and they usually just pop out of the truck. They see that I nose my truck all the way forward and that's about all I can do.

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