Crazy story, but true!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jfoxtrot9, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Just tell us if she was loud...we will know. ;)
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    Please no! Edit out that implied negative connotation CGAE or else we'll both get deleted & i,ll never know!
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    Our edit buttons disappear this quickly?!

    Aw HAAYL naw!

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    Just to add something else. I try to be courteous to everyone, not just postal employees, and I know they have a rough job. A good friend of mine runs a mounted route in Kentucky, and he said he worked 72 hours last week because they can't keep temporary help. By the way, the temporary help is paid $21 per hour, but no benefits, and he says they can't keep anyone! Now, isn't that a statement of the times? :rolleyes:

    Seriously though, I ran a milk route 30 years of my life. Different commodity, same principal. I ran a wholesale route, delivering to stores, schools, nursing homes, etc. Unlike postal employees, we were not paid by the hour, so anything that caused a delay in your day cost you, not the company. Through those 30 years, I literally lost thousands of hours and probably walked hundreds of extra miles due to people who were inconsiderate or totally clueless. We always had to park where it wouldn't interfere with customer traffic, so we might have to 250 pound stacks of milk 30 or 40 yards just to get it to the door. I've had people pull up so close to the door at c-stores that you couldn't open the door enough to wheel the milk in. I've had people park their cars in loading zones and in front of loading docks. I've dealt with construction crews that park their equipment over the weekend so that you can't get to the loading dock at schools (which we often serviced on Saturday). I've had the door slammed in my face as I was attempting to wrestle a stack of milk inside more times than I can count. I've had an employee checking the product in, which normally only takes maybe a minute, and someone come up and interrupt us to ask where something is, have you gotten that so-and-so in yet, are you guys going to be open Sunday, etc, and stand there and chit-chat, totally oblivious to the fact they are causing someone else the loss of time. I've waited, literally up to 30 minutes for some prick of an employee to take a couple of minutes to check me in, or unlock a door for me to bring the product in, because they were on break, or doing something they considered more important. I even had a cook at a restaurant pull a knife on me one time because he ran out of product through no fault of my own because I was not told they were retailing milk as well.

    And, through all of that, not once did I run into anyone with my truck, or even a 2-wheeler of milk. And, not once, did I bang on anyone's car, and certainly never slapped anyone, although the thought did cross my mind more than once, and often, once out of earshot, I would privately call them every name in the book. :) So to all you bleeding hearts that sympathize with the poor postal worker, she was out of line, at the very least should be disciplined, and in my opinion, should probably be fired.

    Every job, from cutting grass to running corporations has its own aggravations, challenges and stressful situations. If you can't deal with those in your particular industry, then look for another line of work.
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    Can't speak for in the US, but in Canada, government jobs are "priviledged". You won't become a millionaire, but they have great salary, usually 5 or 6 years and they reach maximum tenure. Postal workers get $50k+ per year, 6 weeks vacation, 14 sick days. All govt jobs have great benifits, pensions and usually have strong unions protecting them, slapping someone wouldn't get them in any serious trouble.

    Any govt employee does far better than an equivalent job in the private sector. To me a mailman is a glorified news paper boy. When you block their mailbox, they don't deliver, when they are sick, they stay home, they never need to worry about losing customers; can you say the same about your business?

    Not saying they should be treated bad, but they have a good thing and should respect others trying to make a living in more difficult circumstances.
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    I remember back in the 60's suburbs mailmen would have a hissy fit if the mail box was blocked by a car and would skip that house.

    Some where along the way the mailmen by me stopped having hissy fits when the mail box is blocked. They just get off the butt and walk to the box.

    As pointed out in an earlier post it would take them less time to get out of the mail truck and walk to the box then it takes them to get bent and carry on.

    Point is not every home has 200' ft of road frontage where the LCO has plenty of space to park far away from the mail box not to block it.

    Then there are the neighbors that don't want your truck and trailer in front of their property so you have no choice but to park too close to your customers mail box.

    I doubt the mailmen think about those conflicts. Plus how can anyone know if the mail has been delivered or not when you go to park.

    I try not to block a mail box. I try not to park in front of a neighbors property. I try not to park across the other side of the street from a customers property.

    Times I have parked those ways because of factors beyond my control.

    The way I adapt others need to adapt without getting their shorts in a knot and just move on with a smile.
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    No, you folks can say what you like but after so many years of dealing with folks who think they know how to park my trailered vehicle better than I do, here are my parking rules:

    1. No parking that in any way blocks access to the mailbox.
    2. No parking in any way that interferes with traffic at all.
    3. No parking in any way that could be construed as being in front of a neighbor's house (this includes implied and imagined right of ways) otherwise sooner or later some neighbor will come out and act like you owe them something and expect some sort of retribution for the alleged trespass, oh yes sir.
    4. No parking directly across the street from someone else's driveway (because sooner or later someone will back up into your trailer AND deny they did it or act like it's nothing wrong).
    5. No parking in front of the customer's driveway, for obvious reasons.
    6. No parking within 150 feet of a fire hydrant, mostly because it's illegal.
    7. No parking in customer's driveways (due to possible fluid leaks, especially concerns paved driveways).
    8. No parking where there exists a blind spot so that an oncoming driver might not see something.
    9. Always keep an eye and ear open towards the truck.

    You get the idea?

    In a cul-de-sac I usually plop my truck and trailer dead center of the circle with enough space for cars to go all around.
    Even then I get wise guys come up with their bright comments.

    So it doesn't leave much.

    Yep, yep.

    My point as well.
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  8. Here's the way it boils down to me. This is the profession they decided to go into. Every job has headaches, annoying aspects, etc. IF it is that bothersome, they can find another line of work. I don't feel bad for them one bit. They have a govt job, with govt perks. I never disrespect anyone, or try to make things harder for anyone, but seriously, do your job, and stop complaining, and in this case, assaulting people.
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    So, when do you have time to actually mow, after spending all this time on correct parking etiquette? ;)

    I agree with your good intentions, but occasionally, things just don't work that way. For example, one account I have, it is impossible to stay totally in front of my customer's property and not block a mail box. By going 15 feet past his property line, the mailman can access both his, and his neighbor's box. As for cul-de-sacs, the ones in the neighborhoods I service are so small, I'd be blocking traffic if I parked in the middle.
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    The postal service and its employees are becoming more worthless every day. Our mail lady will strap a box to our mailbox with rubber bands (no joke) instead of bringing it up to the house (because it won't fit in the mailbox). What if it rains? Seriously. They've done this more than once and sometimes the box falls onto the ground by the time I get home. At least UPS leaves it at my doorstep AND puts it inside a plastic bag if it looks like it might rain.

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