Crazy worker story

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by GreenmanCT, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. GreenmanCT

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    I almost called the police if he didnt leave......havent heard from him since
  2. Jerry Lee

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    this dude comes to work with us one day and i was the crew chief at the time. well any way myself this newbie and two other guys that i have been workin with go to mow home depot. well to get conversation started i ask if the guy has done this before and he ashures me he has claiming he worked for a large company but he cant remember the name. and i ask him if he knows how to use a ztr and his response is yea i can weed eat. i was just like awesome dude. than after we harass him he finds out that a ztr is a mower. so he starts telling me he has used a tara mower and i was baffled than i finally realize he meant Toro!! so i let him carry on with his non sense. and he starts telling me how bad he had it at the old place he worked having to check the spark plug gap every day in every piece of equipment. and i just kept taking this dudes BS holding back laughter. so any way we get to home depot and this fella is an older gentle man and i feel kind enough to see if this moron could sit on his butt and mow. he couldnt even start the mower, but he claimed he used to mow huge 60 acre fields a week ago. than he goes to back it off the trailer and he hits both sides of the trailer ping pongin the whole way out. so eventually he gets off and begins mowing with my help to put the deck at height. than he finally realizes he doesnt know what hees doing and asks to weed eat. the guy just didnt show up the next day.
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    No, but then I don't hire low lifes off the street to work at my customers' homes. And I sure don't rehire them after they insanely call my house at odd hours.
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    Do Grandma ones count? :)

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