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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by EmeraldHills03, May 19, 2004.

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    Hello this is my first post. A customer wants us to create a mulch bed around a row of trees in his back yard, the grass currently runs right up to the trees. What machines should we use or how should we go about this. I thank you in advance for the help.
    Emerald Hills
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    A quick and inexpensive way would be to spray the area to me mulched with Roundup and colorant. Three days later edge the outline and strip back the sod about 4" wide. Mulch from your edge line up to but not in contact with the trees and your finished. This leaves the roots undisturbed and takes care of the weed issues for the season (assuming your mulch won't be a seed bed). Apply pre-emergence before you expect weed seeds to germinate and you should be good for months. If your not licensed to do the herbicide work, hire the best company you can find to do it and pay them well, then pass the cost along to the owner with a markup for yourself. Don't sell yourself short on the markup, you will have some taxes to pay on any outsourced work, arrangements to make, check to write and you took the time to ask questions and get the best answer. Spraying is quick and effective and should cost less than hand digging the sod out. I know it would be easier on the tree roots. Neal

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