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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SSmith, Nov 27, 2004.

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    I am curious to know how the pro's started out in this industry and how they established and maintained a professional image. In SW Ohio there are too many "Hillbilly with a truck" operations and do not want to be painted with that brush (no offense). What do the more successful companies to do maintain a professional image and what standards do you hold yourself to? Do you wear a uniform or golf shirt with a logo while you work?? Do you maintain a separate land line phone # for business or do you just keep a cell # with voice-mail?? Do you have professional looking invoices? Do you send out thank you cards? What do you do that separates you from the pack?

    I imagine once you separate yourself from the perception of the "Hillbilly with a truck" mentality that I'm sure a lot of people harbor that your business can really take off. I imagine at that point you can describe yourself as a premium service and charge premium prices.

    Thanks for any info./tips you can give me.
  2. SSmith

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    I apologize for the horrible grammatical errors.....I'm not quite awake yet....
  3. olderthandirt

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    All of what you suggested, but the one thing is, it just takes time! Time for your customers to see the quility of your work and your image. After a couple yrs you will stand apart from the hillbillys and the truck.

  4. SSmith

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    Thank you for the input. I'm pretty excited about the prospects of not working for "the man" anymore. Patience, unfortunately, is not one of my stronger virtues.
  5. tiedeman

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    couldn't agree more with dirt man
  6. Lawnchoice

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    Talk to the prospective customer about the hillbilly's out there trying to work for next to nothing.

    Image is a key word!

    Letter your trucks and trailers
    Have your logo on everything
    Always look them in the eye
    Don't assume that the lady of the household doesn't make the lawn decisions
    Don't smoke butts or dip in front of them or on their property
    Take off the shades when talking to them
    Speak to them about how nice the house is or talk about anything BUT the landscape - they like that
    Keep a land line and have it listed in the directory
    Always be prepared for questions
    Go in with a consultative approach be open to suggestions

    The list goes on and on. The dirt said, it takes time and lots of practice!

    With those early on thoughts, you are on the right track!

    Good luck
  7. crawdad

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    If you don't want to be misconstrued as a "Hillbilly with a truck" or such trash, you need to distinguish yourself as a gentleman. Do not spit on the sidewalk in front of a potential client; always carry a "spit cup," usually an empty Mountain Dew, or Sundrop bottle. This sets you apart from the usual rif-raff that is generally to be found in the green industry. People notice this stuff.
  8. tiedeman

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    LMAO:) :laugh: :laugh: :drinkup:
  9. K.Carothers

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    LOL :laugh:
    Be in tune with your daily body functions. Nothing worse than started a large lawn when nature calls.
  10. lafrance4078

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    That's what the Mountain Dew bottle is for! :D

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