Creating A System To Track Employee Daily/Account Activity

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    I am just brainstorming here, but I have learned to have a system of how you do things that work, make things more efficient etc.

    I do paperlogs for when a crew gets to a account for time-in and time-out. They know it is I have to know the average time on each site to charge accordingly for contract renewal, but you do have to stay on top of them or you can be played stupid and an extra cash act is picked up and the team leader takes the cash.

    The system has worked for the most part pretty well, it has been a work in progress the last two years with trial and error. I am pretty fair as far as being somewhat lenient as long as they are productive, but I had one guy who ran a truck of mine 3 years ago with another crew member that was very manipulating and would at the end of the day take a blank report and redo the day adding 7 min to an act here or there to give him an extra 45 min a day to slack off or do one time mows etc. So I went to you get one report sheet a day, complete it in pen. And that solved that issue.

    But I was also thinking of doing both that and setting up an email account just for status reports and have take 5 seconds to send an email with just subject line "Customer Name IN 2:25" "Customer Name OUT 3:45" Doing this more for a backup system but I am thinking it is a good idea without investing into a 500.00 GPS tracking system with 50.00/month service fees, I'm not trying to be that nit picky and harsh about it.

    What is your tracking method, trial and errors with it, and does your employees feel it is fair and

    I believe all in all I want to have easy to use system that also is hard to beat, that will work now at a smaller size but work just as easy in 5 years. They will have sent the status report so it is live all day and not just reported at the end of the day, so they will never know if I stop by to check how things are going or anything.
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