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  1. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I am going to offer credit card payments this year for the first time. I have never offered it due to the fees involved. As a small business, 3% is a lot of money. I am considering passing on the fee to the customer as it is legal in my state. Do any of you pass the fees on to your customers? What is the feedback?
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    Most think it’s a load of crap as do I.

    How many times have you used a cc somewhere and had to pay the convenience fee? Were you happy to pay an additional 3%?

    It’s a cost of doing business. It’s also more convenient for you than it is the customer.
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  3. BigJlittleC

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    I pass the fees on but not in a way they see it. As it is Incorporated into my overhead recovery rate. I expect clients to pay with a card and when they don't I make a little extra. It's not like the cost of cards isn't a tax write-off anyways.

    Personally if I was paying for something and they put a fee in front of me for paying with a card I would use a different payment option or avoid that business altogether. Usually I just avoid that business as there is plenty of other options in every business.
  4. OP
    Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I have had to pay a convenience fee many times. I can say I would try to use another payment method if possible in this situation. As I would expect my customer to do if they do not want to pay the fee.

    As a small business, it isn’t that convenient for me unless I build the 3% into my pricing. I may get money a bit faster, but in the end, if I don’t build the 3% into pricing, I lose out.

    When my company grows and has a higher revenue and profit margin, this cost would be minimal.
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  5. BigJlittleC

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    3% is 3% doesn't matter what size your company is.

    You could look at this 3% as a cost of business and adjust your prices or do nothing and just be happy with the tax right off.

    Don't forget as your business grows and your accepting more cards you can negotiate your rate with these merchants. If I remember correctly once you start charging more then 10k or 15k a month you can get closer to 1% rates.
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  6. That Guy Gary

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    Margins usually decrease as a business expands.

    Adding a lead, then a supervisor, bigger shop, etc. The % goes down but the value increases to overcompensate. If you do it right at least.

    Just include it in pricing. You'll meet a lot less resistance if you just charge $48 instead of $45 + $3 CC processing fee.
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  7. Gus McGee

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    You have to choose what is right for your business. I personally just lump the credit card fee into the general overhead, which increases prices for everyone by an insignificant amount.
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  8. Jake the grass guy

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    how do you currently collect your payments? i was getting tired of having to track down customers for payments and figured my time was worth more than the 3% i was being charged.. im currently going to all cards on file so i will be in control if when i get paid and its as simple as a few button clicks. thats worth the 3% imo and like everyone else said.. your customer doesnt see it but its all part of price increases and the cost of doing business.
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  9. Jake the grass guy

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    hit me up privately if you would like seems we are pretty close to each other.
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  10. River

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    I would just buid it into your overhead so they don’t see the 3% charge alone. just add a dollar or two on your quote and that should easily cover the 3%

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