Credit card in business name.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MRPLOW, Mar 9, 2000.


    MRPLOW LawnSite Member
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    I would like to get credit card in my business name. Do I just apply for a regular credit card with my business name or are their cards out their specialy for businesses that include more details for businesses such as year end interest paid for tax reasons. Any info would be appreciated
  2. JohnyNCa

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    If u have a business checking account, u should already have a charge card in the name of your business, if not ask your bank they would be happy to give you one...later
  3. OP

    MRPLOW LawnSite Member
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    I'm working on getting a checking account in my business name in the next few days. Any info on fee's I might expect the bank to charge and what other people are paying would be helpfull.
  4. EDL

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    from MA
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    For Checking we pay $10 a month for service charges and then after 150 deposits a month we are charged .50 per check
  5. grasscapeinc

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    try capitol one. I have a vis platinum business card through them without an actaul account with them.
  6. steveair

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    I have totally free business checking account. The only thing is I have to keep a 100 dollar min balance or I get a penalty.<br>As for credit cards....I wish I could give you one of mine!<p>I must get a offer in the mail every day for a pre-approved company card. I don't know where they come from. I think it started when I joined ALCA, because they give your name out to everyone in the world.
  7. Barkleymut

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    If you are a sole propiatership you don't have to have the card in your business's name. Just have one card to make ALL your business purchases on. Anyways, who wants a business card? who are you going to impress? the clerk at Home Depot?
  8. chadster

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    Say guys for those of you who are sole p's. Can you share some info on what I need to do to get my business started. Can I buy everything then start or is it better to start then buy. Please help with any city or state things that you had to be involved in. Thanks, chad

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