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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnsRUsInc., Feb 23, 2008.

  1. LawnsRUsInc.

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    Who do you have for processing credit cards? I was looking for a online only service. Any recommendations?

    Thanks Jason
  2. echeandia

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    Look into Heartland Payment Systems and your bank. Get pricing from both.
  3. DuallyVette

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    I was using NOVA through my bank. They jacked up my fees. I now have NOVA through as an Executive menber I save much more than the annual costco membership fee. I also love Costco. I go there a couple of times a week.
  4. causalitist

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    check out paypal "virtual terminal" i'm pretty sure they are the cheapest.
    $30/month + 2.7% and $0.30 per transaction.. same price for any type of card.

    i use this and the money is in my checking in 2-3 days... any money you leave in there sits in a 3.46% money market as well .. if u sign up for that.. which i dont know why anyone wouldnt, its free.

    its just a web page where u enter the cc# and name, and click a button. i can charge 30 cards in 30 minutes with it.
  5. DuallyVette

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    Costco Executive members pay about $20 as a minimum fee. I just have $400 a month that I put on customers cards. Total fee $20. I started taking Credit cards to try and collect a few overdue accounts. It worked. Its also convenient for 1 time job. The money is credited to my checking account the next day.

    I had to buy a machine for $200. I got it from a dealer on ebay that DIDN'T require that you hook it up to their service (non-propriatary)
  6. lawnmower man1

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    I use $25 a month 2.19% + 0.25 per transaction. I have a web terminal and I have a make a payment button on my website also there isn't any startup cost at all. They have been go to me.

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