credit card reader on iphone??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SangerLawn, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. SangerLawn

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    Iphone has applications for running credit cards. Does anyone know if it works, how well it works, and if it is worth it? I have been checking into card readers but they are expensive and we do not do enough with credit cards to justify paying that much. The iphone apps appear cheap with no monthly payments just a charge when you use it.
  2. CapitalLawnGroup

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    I have been reading reviews on the "square" coming out for the iphone. It plugs into the headphone jack and you swipe the card through it, it sends a receipt to the customers email address, and with the signature they sign on the screen. It is not out yet still in alpha testing, but as soon as it does come out, I'M BUYIN IT!
  3. unkownfl

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    sounds good
  4. elite lawns

    elite lawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    Let us know if works good
  5. grass2cash

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    Has anyone had a chance to give this a try?

    Based on the reviews I've read thus far the fees are minimal compared to other services. The only complaint I've read about is that the ship time is fairly slow and there was a snag for the 4th generation but apparently its been corrected. If anyone has any honest feedback on this I would love to hear it.
  6. Big C

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    They are currently using them in the Apple stores where I live....don't know if I would want that bulky thing attached to my phone, but it is impressive the way it works.
  7. NarNar

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    Went to Apple, they said the ones they have at the MAC Store was built specifically for them. I am still looking.
  8. Redbo

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    this would be a great option for LCO's as I know in the past I have had customers ask to pay for a block of months at once but would have to charge it. It sucks when you have to pass.
  9. NarNar

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    We have a credit card machine in our office. BEST INVESTMENT EVER. Sure it eats a little into our profit, but it makes collecting sooooooo easy. At the end of the month, we just send out an email to our customers letting them know we are going to charge their account.

    On the last day of the month, we bill and everything goes straight into our accounts.

    No more waiting for checks, no more multiple trips to the bank, no more headaches.

    Actually we do have a couple of customers that do still pay by checks, but 80% is by CC.

    I would suggest it, especially if you are offering more then maintenance services. You can take the 30%-50% deposit from the project- go purchase materials for the construction jobs, bill the customer at the end of the projec, charge the rest of their card and have money in the account in a day or two. Amazing.

    If you guys are interested let me know, I will put you in touch with the company here in and they will set you. trust me, it's worth it!
  10. Reid's Landscaping

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    I Have been using Square on my iPhone 4 for the past few months and i love it.
    It is free to download and the hardware is also free.
    The fee is 2.75% +15c for card swipes and 3.5% +15c for key in numbers.
    Its been an awesome way to collect right on the ball and get rid of my most common excuses of non payment like " Im out of checks" or "I dont have any cash on me"
    Over all id suggest it to anyone in business for themselves.

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