Credit you accept them???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by FIREMAN, Mar 28, 2001.


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    I got an e-mail from a credit card processing company and it set the wheels turning in my head, if any of you accept them what kind of charges, percentage or flat fee per charge?? Most of the jobs I do are residential, and I do not offer any finance options this might be interesting..What do you all think???
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    Check out this thread -

    We'll start accepting credit cards in a few weeks. My hope is that it will help make buying those little extras a little easier for the customer, because of the time delay between buying and paying for.
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    Yes we accept credit cards. Even people who could write the check on the spot like using the plastic to get flyer miles. After you lose a couple of jobs because you don't offer it, it makes you think. Also, Belgard offers residential customers a financing option for projects using their pavers. Their authorized contractors can offer it so it makes the upsell easier.

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