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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Superiorlandscaping, Dec 17, 2002.

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    With all the posts i have read about late payments and payments not being recieved, i was wondering if anyone uses the paypal system to receive credit card payments. Just send them an invoice. Then they sign on to paypal under their account. They transfer money into your account and bam you get paid and they get their credit card billed. And you know sure as hell they are not going to be lateon a credit card payment.

    Food for the thought. I am not sure exactly how this works. But i am positive it can be done.
  2. Jimbo

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    I dont do this, but your right it can be done-just as you have described. Paypal will take a fraction of your money when you withdraw it but probably alot less than getting setup to accept credit card payments costs.
    The only problem is that you both have to use paypal, and the customer will have to want to pay with credit. If they are planning to stiff you they certianly wont want to use credit, and if you only accept payment through paypal you would severly cripple your client list.
  3. Pay pal is a great system we use it on Ebay alot it is really good. but for lawn service payments i don`t think it would work too good. Remember not everyone has a computer, and paypal has surcharges.
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    All merchant accounts have surcharges that the seller pays. The customer never see them as they are billed into the product or service.
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    I use Quickbooks Pro 2002 and I do online billing for some of my customers. It works great. The paypal service charge is about 2%. I am planning on getting a merchant account with Quickbooks. I have found quite a few people don't want to bother using paypal. I think I could get some late payers use the credit card option.

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